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  1. Hi I'm looking for 264 or 322 nailhead engine and transmission. preferably near LA, but good offers are considered from anywhere. Engine should be in good running condition. Engine is my priority but transmission is considered too. please offer via PM - Amu from Finland
  2. Im confused... that really looks like right one but tooth count doesnt match. it has 17-15-19. Mine has 17-15-20 and it looks like this would be right: phew.. choises choises... fit vs. doesnt fit... is it right or isnt.. that seems so early model... I have to get interchange manual from somewhere..
  3. Hey of course i appreciate all this Chris and Earl! Thank you very much! These parts are pain to get where im coming from. If it would be some fifties european car like merc or volvo it would be a different story. few parts on the way so it may look like this tranny could run again.... fingers crossed. -amu
  4. Thanks again. Ive contacted him, lets see if he can help with these parts. In this diagram similar part with 4417 part is named: gear, first and reverse. ye it actually slides from gear to another with that fork.
  5. thanks for the links Chris! That second links cluster gear is rightm, tooth count matches and all. Transmission from that '41 looks good too. I have to do some research if the parts are interchangeable..that transmission would be great for parts. Amu from Finland
  6. Getting back on this thread... transmission is looking a bit better. My repair guy got some parts fixed but im still needing few parts: - Counter gear - first and reverse gear - main shaft pilot roller bearing - Transmission gasket kit or any available gaskets im not sure how those translate in english. Ive already asked parts from classic nos parts (havent got ansver yet). Do you know any other places i could ask those parts? Or do anybody happen to have those saved. thanks again Amu from Finland
  7. Thanks for the replies. Transmission from '58 had torque tube so i think its original. Unfortunately i dont have a picture though. Stick on the floor is on my '55. Here is pic from the broken tranny.. Im pretty sure this tranny from my '55 is original. Somebody have done some modifications and moved stick on the floor.
  8. Hello! I have 1955 buick special with 264 nailhead and 3-speed manual tranny (5 bolt cover light duty). Transmisson was broken when i bought it and it makes horrible noise and gears slip back to neutral. I got it out and took it to the repairshop. Apparently my transmission is beyond repair or its hard/impossible to get parts or it gets ridicilously expensive to repair here in Finland. My questions are: i can get manual 3-speed transmission from '58 super. Does it fit to '55 264 or any tips where i could get working tranny? The car doesnt have 'three on tree' type stick but stick is on the floor. Any ideas? thanks! Amu - from Finland.