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    I am a motoring historian and researcher living in England. I very much like American cars of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s as well ass hot rods and stock car racing.
    I was researching for some info on the Cord 810/812 and came across the Hupp and Graham "versions" and have got very interested in them. I don't think there are any in England.
  1. Thank you Graham Man, much appreciated. Were these also called Corsair or was that just the Hupp version or even both? (I take it you know about Lammas-Graham from here in England?) Andrew, Twickenham, England
  2. Thanks - that helps me. I also found a copy of an advert for the "New 1940 Graham Hollywood" in a newspaper on Google which also confirms what you already said! Andrew in England
  3. Hi thanks for the reply - appreciated. I think I expressed myself badly. When I was researching what model Skylarks there were I found - The Flagship, the Mainliner, the Cruiser, the Sportster, the Corsair and Custom models. Looking at the Hollywood range I found - Clipper and Hollywood. Some Hollywoods were supercharge but they introduced anon supercharged model in 1941. Their convertibles were called Corsair too. Now am I missing something or just plain confused?? Andrew
  4. Hi, I am from England and am interested in both Graham Hollywoods and Hupmobile Skylarks. What I am trying to sort out is how many different models were there? I know of - Clipper, Hollywood and supercharged Hollywood. But were there others and if so what were they. A full ist of all Skylarks and Hollywoods/Clippers would be appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew Twickenham, England
  5. Jack You are probably away now, but I have already started on this. Before 194 and to an extent after, we had an unusual way of dealing with imports. Firstly you had the concessionaire and then the agents. I am putting together a list too and we can exchange info. Best, Andrew
  6. Thanks for that Hupp36. I had a feeling that it was the case. However, when I was researching an English motoring man called Col. Warwick Wright who during 1934/5 was involved with a company called International Distributors to import Hupmobiles into England. I only known when Wright was involved and not when International started or stopped impoting Hupps.. I'll dig back and let you know. Andrew
  7. Hi! New member from England here. Does anyone know if any of these Hups (or Grahams) ever made it into England? (Re)discovered them after some research into the Cord 810/812!! Many thanks, Andrew, Twickenham, England.