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  1. Hi guys, There's this barn find XKE restoration blog that I recently found online and thought some of you might be interested in:rolleyes: http://www.classicdigest.com/readers-stories/show-ad-detail/Andreas/5/14
  2. So the later T-bird models have effectively diluted the brand value of the early model as well whereas the later Corvettes ( http://www.classicdigest.com/cars/chevrolet/corvette/19167 ) have done quite the opposite for Vette? -Not unlike Porsche 911, where early examples definitely benefit from multi million marketing efforts by the factory.
  3. I wonder if this is a replica or real deal... More photos at: http://www.classicdigest.com/community/show-ad-detail/Classic+Digest+Crew/19/222
  4. Here’s something that has always boggled me, why are C1 Corvettes so much more valuable than first generation t-birds? In their day they were, head to head competitors, and by 2gen T-bird may have grown too big and heavy (and ugly some might say…) But we’re talking about 1gen. cars here. To me T-bird is soooo much more bang for the buck. Take these two for example: http://www.classicdigest.com/cars/chevrolet/corvette/19166 http://www.classicdigest.com/cars/ford/thunderbird/19099 To me 28t vs. 68t just doesn’t match up, no matter how you look at it. Is T-bird just too sophisticated (or boring
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