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  1. Keith , I sent you another e-mail through your profile, but wanted to confirm I no longer have my '41, so you can abort my Steering wheel. It sounds like you have enough on your plate anyway. Thanks , Jim
  2. We are reluctantly selling our 1941 LC coupe. A survivor car, unrestored. A national award winner, and we drive this car to local car shows all summer long. Glossy Black orginal paint with usual scratches and chips in a 74 year old paint job, but no dents or body damage at all. The chrome is excellent, the interior is original-red leather with tan whip chord fabric. No tears or rips , Leather is excellent. The AM radio with foot switch works great after being rebuilt. it has the legendary V-12 Flathead backed by a 3spd/Od Transmission. I have a copy of the factory build sheet,parts books, and some memorabilia. The asking price is $34,500.00 delivered in Continental U.S. Will consider Cash with trade depending on deal.
  3. Added a couple pictures to get started. Thanks everyone for looking. Jim
  4. With heavy hearts we are going to sell our 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe. We have worked to keep the car as original and unmolested as we got it. A great example and Award winner. We drive and show the car at various events. This black car with original Red Leather and Tan Whipcord interior and V-12 is a head turner everywhere we go with it. It still needs some TLC from the next good owner. We have replaced parts as we have gone along, but there are a few things that need to be done to it to be concours. We have a steering wheel in the works from Keith here at LZOC, which will be included and will ship anywhere to Continental U. S. More details and photos on request. Price $35000.00 Delivered.
  5. I hope my '41 wheel is one of them in the works! Thanks for the good work , Keith.
  6. Keith is going to make me a new steering wheel for my'41 LC...hopefully sometime soon.
  7. John , it is a great feeling when you hear actual sound and music coming out of a radio which in my case is 74 years old.Jake Fleming fixed mine and did a bang up job on it . I almost thought I could hear big band music too. Congrats.
  8. Wow , Paul, good idea to keep things up to date on things like this.
  9. Thank you all for the great tips. John ,I'll follow up with Mr.Akins and see if he still hasee a repro.If not,I am seriously thinking of taking Joe up on his offer, and see if I can restore, or reproduce the one he has. Paul, I'm with you, no matter which model or year our Lincoln are definitely iconic.
  10. Thank You in advance for that Joe. What is wierd though, is that I keep looking at the Chassis Part Catalogue on page 306, where the stone deflectors are listed. The basic part number for the assembly is 17801 and only goes from 42-48, not 39-41. Part number 17808 is called a "cover assembly" for 39-40, and 41., but for 42 they do call it "deflector (rear stone)". But whatever it is and, if there was one on my LC, there isn't any evidence of it now. So that is why I need the info, and or the parts for it. Oh and C. Douglas in Mooresville, I've been trying repeatedly , e-mails , phone call, even a check sent for 6 months to get the Manual, still no luck. Thanks for checking yours!
  11. I am hoping someone could send me a picture or good rendering of the rear gravel guard that fits between the bumper and body of the 1940-41 Continental. I still can't seem to get an Authenticity Manual, and not even sure if it has a pic or the info anyway. Even the Original Body and Chassis Catalogues I have only list it , but no pic of it. Thanks folks!!
  12. Happy New Year Dittos to all!! Keith , private message sent.
  13. Happy Holidays to everyone here! Message sent to Keith on the wheel. Thanks to all for your support. We did get the last thing mentioned done. We found out that we won't get a Black Label Dealer in our area in the forseable future ,so we configured a new 2015 MkC as close as possible and our local dealer will give us the primo Lincoln owner experience throughout our ownership as the Black label Dealers will do. We took delivery yesterday to a loaded Midnight Sapphire Blue with Espresso and Sand interior. It needed to pass the DW(dear wife) test and did!! She loves it and is now sitting next to the '41 in the garage. Now I can work on the rest of the list for the '41
  14. Happy Holidays to our fellow LC and Zephyrist friends!! Now that our first full season of showing our unrestored LC at local car shows and the LCOC Western meet is over and car is in the cozy confines of our garage, I have come up a Christmas list for it. 1. Maybe fix the scratches in paint-but there is something to be said for originality and patina. 2. Correct Steering wheel instead of post-war one. 3 .Rear bumper gravel shield 4. Correct overdrive control box 5. Correct color trunk carpet 6. Bumper jack 7.1941 owners manual 8. Period correct battery and hold down Wow what a list! Santa can ya hear me? I've been good so how about some help ? Oh and before I close , we are hoping for a Black Label Lincoln MKC too.Just waiting for our local dealer go become a Black Label Dealer. To all Good Cheer from Jim & Laurie
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