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  1. It would be nice to bring that back to it's original home!
  2. Thanks Jeff. Having been brought up on Packards, I'm interested to learn more about the "other" fine cars out there. Cheers Lyndon
  3. Are their any good books published on the history of Peerless? Cheers
  4. I saw this too whilst at Hershey, and I would have liked to purchase it as well. Very handsome car. Tom, if you find another..........
  5. Great work Bernie, is the Singer Junior project taking a different path now?
  6. Thanks Scott, I'll look out for the Franklins in that area.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, this has been helpfull thus far. Lyndon
  8. Thanks for the feedback, this has been helpfull thus far. Lyndon
  9. Thanks, I do like the 13 series styling. What would one expect to pay for a neat, presentable driver?
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, all good feedback.
  11. Hello all, I am keen to add a Franklin to my collection, and I'm thinking a series 12 is the way to go, mainly due to the fact that they have 4 wheel hydraulic brakes. I would be intersted in anyones driving impressions between the series 11 and 12 cars and whether one is preferred to the other?????? I am used to driving my grandfathers 1929 633 Packard sedan and 1926 426 Packard roadster, and I hope a Franklin is a lighter car to drive than the 633! Thanks in advance. Lyndon James
  12. Hello all, I'm a Franklin club member from Australia, and I'll be attending Hershey this year. Just wondering where I'll be able to find the Franklin club site and other Franklin areas of interest? Cheers & kind regards Lyndon James