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  1. My vote would be for Belgium Blue wheels!
  2. The inlet manifolding is certainly a different approach.
  3. This is a great car, I saw it when it was advertised on Gumtree. I think the "oily" rag approach is ideal for this car. I certainly look forward to watching your progress in recommissioning her. Cheers
  4. Are those Morris Cowley's bullnoses or the later flat nose, either way, they look good.
  5. Great result, I look forward to follow your progress. Cheers
  6. No, you're not being too difficult. I wonder why some people are so unhelpful when they are trying to sell something. Best of luck and I hope it works out.
  7. Hi Bernie, would this Triumph Super 7 be of interest? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/canberra-city/cars-vans-utes/vintage-1930-triumph-super-7-sports-rolling-chassis/1149259370
  8. I really like that Singer, I wouldn't mind finding a similar project myself.
  9. A Wolseley Hornet saloon maybe??????
  10. Sorry to hear this Bernie, i was looking forward to you resuming works on the Humber.
  11. You would have to be tempted to offer up the radiator. This a fascinating restoration as you have never seen the "whole" together, and it is slowly revealing itself. Fantastic work.
  12. Thanks for posting your progress Bernie. I was just wondering if you had seen the 1912 Humber for sale in the UK, certainly the photos would make a good reference, see link below: http://www.vandp.net/sales/495/1912-humber-11hp-tourer/ Cheers Lyndon
  13. Is this the 1912 Humber advertised on Prewarcar? Looks like a nice project and a quality vehicle. Is this near Tamworth? Best of luck!
  14. Bernie, May I suggest to list your Renault on eBay, as I have found recently while selling off a number of cars and motorcycles that eBay was the ONLY advertising medium that generated both local (Australia) and international interest. All my items sold via eBay and i did have them listed on other sites. In my opinion, justcars, uniquecars etc is not worth the trouble to list.
  15. Bernie, so does this mean there is no need to regrind the cam for a more "sporty" profile?
  16. Looking good, what style of mudguards will you be aiming for?
  17. Great work, what is your method and tools to work the aluminium?
  18. It was a mark of prestige, you never see any Bugatti's or Delages with LHD. And by the way, driving on the right is the "wrong side". Back in the horse riding days, everybody rode on the left so as to be able to draw your sword with your right hand. Napoleon we have to blame for all this driving on the right nonsense, as he decreed that all persons will now ride on the right to help foster a less agreesive and more peaceful times.
  19. I agree with r1lark, it is also the first place I go to see the latest updates!
  20. Bernie, It looks like you have also made good progress with the chassis.
  21. I was wondering about the 4 verses 6 enignes on these NN's. Did the Packard remain in Australia or did it head off overseas? Cheers
  22. Very frutrating, especially when you know in all probability that nothing will be done to the other Renault. Why do so many people hoard cars naively believing "I'm gunna do it up one day"?! Were all NN's 4 cylinders?
  23. I'm keen to know more about the drivability of the different versions of the Nash Airflytes. Is the Ambassodor preferred over the Statesman / 600? How do they handle / stop etc? Owners experiences would be appreciated. Cheers
  24. Do these 135 sedans seem good value? I would really like to get a 135 or 145 sedan, however Franklins are basically non-existent in Australia and would require importing one.
  25. I would agree, the market seems quiet.
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