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  1. So where are the current values / demand sitting for veteran V8 Cadillacs. 1915 - 1918?
  2. Mike, l've learnt that the only certainty, is that their is no certainty. I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, mesothelioma, it has no cure, however I'm in remission and it has disappeared. I have continued to make my future plans and lived my life daily as one normally would, ones attitude and approach has a huge influence on survival time. As my German relatives say- Hope dies last.💪 Go well Lyndon
  3. As someone who has been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, all I can say is you can't be too careful with asbestos. The above may seem extreme, however I am not your traditional asbestos victim who worked for or with any asbestos manufacturer etc. It appears my exposure can only be explained by playing around with old cars. Again, people reading the above may think it's an extreme measure but I assure you once you have been diagnosed with a non cureable cancer of which is only caused by asbestos exposure your attitude changes. Border force go your hardest. The government also ne
  4. I realise you have completed much excellent work on getting where the fiat is today. I thought your quiz was to spot the differences between the two photos in your post 270. As you said it's not one shot from the left and the other from the right. No need to be condescending to myself.
  5. Is it worth contacting the previous owner to see if they still them?
  6. Is it the clamping bolt for the generator?
  7. No not all, it's sensible to use original serviceable parts. Plus the vintage market is softening, so one doesn't want to over capitalise. As u mentioned earlier, your direction with this project is most appropriate. Look forward to seeing the results.
  8. Hi Bernie, after reading about 501 Fiats, it appears the diff is a weakness and the solution is to fit a 503 unit. I hope you have one.
  9. Hi Brodie, I spent some time on your YouTube channel, great work. I love your 501, I'd now like one myself!
  10. Similar https://www.prewarcar.com/233753-fiat-501-corsa-biposto
  11. Hi Bernie, I too are watching and reading with much interest. Thanks Lyndon
  12. I really like where you are headed with the Fiat. We're the front axle king pins found to be in serviceable condition?
  13. The refurbished wheels certainly look good. This Stude is cleaning up nicely.
  14. One has to ask, why did the previous owner separate the hood from the car? I'd take the "squeaky wheel gets oiled approach" and ring him every day until a result is sorted.
  15. RHC = Right Hand Control = Right Hand Drive. Studebaker used the terms RHC v LHC for some time. The Hawk and Lark books I have still used those terms.
  16. Thanks gentlemen, this is good info. As a tertiary consideration, what fuel consumption do you achieve?
  17. Just wondering from those who know, which Franklin models are more suitable for today's traffic conditions and for touring? I assume series 12 and on due to four wheel brakes etc?? Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks Bernie, the painted wheels and new tyres would have substantially improved the appearance alone. The choice of a satin type finish is wise. Lyndon
  19. Bernie, have you given the Studebaker a wash yet? Would you plan on giving it a gentle polish?
  20. It will be good to see them mounted on the car. Currently on ebay Australia there is a 1923 light six at Miners Rest for sale. It has the same wheels and it appears tyres too. I'll be fascinated once you have the Studebaker mobile, on your driving impressions between the Light Six and the First series Packard you restored. I am keen to get into vintage motoring and have joined the VSCC Victoria (newsletter subscriber). I am forming the opinion that the "lighter the vintage car" the more enjoyable the ownership experience. Lyndon
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