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  1. I can tell you I had a similar experience with them sending me the wrong stuff for a lowering kit I wasn't pleased with there customer service
  2. ya I think I have the same issue with my interior lights..thanks for the info I guess I will pick up a switch..I feel your pain about driving at night I have to plan my trips around making sure I'm home by dark haha
  3. Hey guys been a while since I've posted, Rivi has been running great but Ive run into an issue with the tail lights. All my lights seem to work great (brakes blinkers) but my parking lights work one minute and don't the next. At first i was blowing the taillight fuse constantly so i tried to troubleshoot and inspected the sockets and ended up replacing a couple of them. The fuse hasn't blown for a while but still am having issues. I was thinking maybe the next step is replace the switch?? What do you guys think?
  4. welcome chef! did you put that grille on the car or did it come with it?
  5. Congrats on the car, i love how the 63s have the black console color, would a black 63 trim kit from Clarks fit in my 65 or are they different?
  6. thanks slacker, mine did find third if i let off the throttle a tad, just was hoping for a smoother transition. I will take her out tomorrow, maybe its just a matter of getting used to it
  7. ok thanks for that Ed, pretty sure I located the line, its Teed off of the back of the carb and leads down to the modulator. The original shop i took it to replaced the modulator and apparently checked for leaks and didn't find any. I tried checking with carb cleaner but didn't see anything…the beat goes on…it wouldn't have anything to do with adjusting the kick down switch would it? Im stabbing in the dark
  8. ok so heres a picture of my carb, problem is from everything I've researched, there seems to be some thing missing. The vacuum port on the left side(which is plugged) should be going to my distributor? The far right should be going to my vacuum modulator but it runs to my distributor...:confused:
  9. Well I got the trans all fixed up, new TC and various other parts were replaced. I got the kick down switch installed and it seems to be working, I got the car to about 45 and stepped on it, the car dropped to second but got all the way to 60 and didn't seem to want to grab 3rd so i let off the pedal. After I let off it grabbed 3rd. Any ideas? Will 3rd gear eventually grab if I stay on it?
  10. turns out I lost second gear, that would explain why when i kicked down the rpms went through the roof. Now they need to pull the tranny and find out the problem...
  11. I have higher hopes for the second shop, they are trans specialists and were confident they will come up with a solid diagnosis and not just tell me I need all new internals. I will make sure they check the vacuum at the carb.
  12. Ok, so I felt like my car wasn't hitting 3rd gear unless I went through the gears manually, I did some research on the forum and everything was pointing to the vacuum line or the modulator so I took it to a local shop and told them to start there. Vacuum lines and modulator checked out fine but they said the pressure was not right and that I have basically lost 3rd gear and need a new valve body!! I am going to take it to another shop and see if I can get a second opinion on it but I figured Id throw it out here and get y'alls opinions
  13. Thanks RivNut, I can always count on you for a quick response!! It did feel like it kicked down just never engaged
  14. I installed kickdown linkage on my edelbrock carb. Got it out on the road for a test drive, got into 3rd gear and punched it, felt the trans kick down but felt like it was slipping, rpms went real high on the engine but never got it to engage lower gear….any info much appreciated!!
  15. my 65 does the same thing, depending on the day it happens every time, some days it doesn't do it at all, I'll be interested to see why you find as a cure
  16. I am a little partial to the overall look of this car:cool: I love the look at first glance, looks mean as hell but in saying that I don't like wheels, don't agree with the choice of engine, and probably could've done with less brushed aluminum on the interior.
  17. Ive been following this thread closely, I have a leak at the top of the tank where the sending unit sits, does anyone know if the gastanks.com gm sending unit gasket fits my 65 Riv. I figured I would check with you guys rather than trust what someone on the phone tells me.
  18. I am having same problem with mine David, not getting any power from the actuator, don't hear any solenoid kicking. Where did you find your switch pitch setup? I am assuming it's new?
  19. Thanks guys, got it to go back together, we will see how long it lasts!
  20. Ok great, the linkage for the switch pitch is just floating next to the carb right now, so at least its there, but who knows if it even works.
  21. ok, I identified the Carb that was on the car when I bought it, Its a Weber/Edelbrock 600 cfm, It obviously does not have the switch pitch linkage and from what Ive read its kind of small for this car. Need some suggestions on where to go from here. Do I need the switch pitch? If so I am guessing there aren't aftermarket carbs that have linkage for switch pitch.
  22. The bolts were not snugged up when I took them off, I bolted everything back up tight and it seems to have solved the problem
  23. well that makes sense! On the same subject, the reason I am taking exhaust apart is because I have a nasty leak coming from that general area between the manifold and the down pipe, are there supposed to be gaskets there? Because there aren't any..:confused: on either side
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