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  1. PACKARD STROMBERG CARBURETOR Core Prewar Vintage Antique Jalopy 1930's Classic, Markings cast in base P20780 and 2EE-14 . markings on sides B 1 1/32 which are the large venturies. Stromberg 48 kits work in these. The other side says 19961. May be missing some parts and possibly have incorrect ones. Sold as is not working and needing repair. Buyer pays shipping
  2. 1950-58 Oldsmobile Buick Other? Window Door Garnish Molding Set Vintage Classic . Not exactly sure what year ,make or model these fit so please check measurements and do research as sale is final. They are in primer and in impeccable shape ready for full restoration. If you know what they are exactly please feel free to contact me and advise. Thank You. Front 31.25" long by 1 1/8" wide, Rear 31.75" long by 2 1/8" wide.
  3. Anyone recognize these garnish moldings. Not sure if Hardtop, Convertible or what? Could be 1958? need some help thanks!
  4. Hello I need some help with the ID Identification on these Hardtop or Convertible Door Window Garnish Moldings. Front is 31 1/4" by 1 1/8 'and the rear is 31 3/4 " by 2 1/8" on the straight lineBought these at a swap meet thinking they were what I needed but not even close. I think they are GM but not sure. Even if you recognize the beltline or body line from a two door ...chime in. Need some help on this one. It is possible that the front could be one model and the rear as another but again not sure. Thanks
  5. Early Nash Right Front Fender for sale make offer Dennis 6one4-two8two-7two58
  6. good eye i think you may have nailed it. Would this be just 23 or up or down a year/
  7. Good guess, looks like there might be an outer rivet in the fender on the nash and i dont see one in this fender but they are very close. Anyone else?
  8. Hello i am new here but a crazy car fan. I have owned many. Recently I attended the Springfield Ohio swap and found this fender which i need help identifying. Can you help? Thanks
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