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  1. If you decide to go the push button route there’s an easier way which bypasses everything.. run a 10 gauge wire from the junction where the battery positive cables meet to one side of the new push button…run a ten gauge from the other side of the new push button down to the starter solenoid.. easy pezzy and bypasses everything.. just be aware that that button will be hot at all times

  2. I’ve always been told not to Mount an oil filled coil horizontally as the top of the windings won’t be covered in oil and eventually it’ll cook itself.. I’ve been running an epoxy filled msd one for years with no problems in this New Mexico heat.. I’m also running a full msd set up as well.

  3. I’m a fan of the pertronix systems but that being said i did have one go out on me that wasn’t a go no go situation.. this went on for weeks in my 66 f100 middle of summer hot hot here in Albuquerque and I’d always get stuck in bad stop and go on this one spot.. after a few minutes of this the truck would run bad but once i got going it would clear and be perfectly fine until the next time i got stuck there..i tried everything fuel related as i was convinced it was vapor locking on me.. after about a month of this one day I’m stuck there again and it starts acting up again but this times actually dies.. yup no spark bad ignitor.. replaced it with a mallory unilite points eliminator and never a problem again.

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