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  1. The last vehicle I sold, I did it myself. Hooked up my buddy's enclosed trailer, and a couple of good friends and saw the great northwest tourist sites. Great time! There are great services out there but nothing like 'do it yourself'. Good day.
  2. That is a neat old cover. I like those old Pontiacs. Just this weekend I was at a local restaurant and the guy had a 1939 Pontiac well pump with the familiar Pontiac logos. Apparently in 1939 if you purchased a brand new Pontiac you received a correlating well water pump as a token of the dealerships neat to hear the story. The guy wanted a thousand bucks for it so I just took pics and had to share. Will try to get the pics online.
  3. I agree. Our last sale we delivered 1800 miles ourselves. To complete the deal, it had to be perfect. The only way to do something perfectly is do it yourself. Now that being said, we have had some excellent haul services, but it has not been consistent.
  4. Not funny to be hot on a nice drive with the Mrs. I have one of those rare antique square floorboard coolers, NOT the type that hang out the window. I have never used it but I know the old timers swore by their effectiveness. Strange I can't remember where it came from, maybe a swap meet in Chickasha?
  5. One of the problems I have identified with eBay are sellers putting very high reserves on their cars, then when the listing is over, they have names and phone numbers and do the actual selling off eBay. This sticks in eBay's side although the seller still pays the sixty bucks listing fee and not the final value fee. PayPal is hopeless as well. Both companies make you agree to pay ridiculous sums if the buyer is not satisfied. We all know there are buyers you will never make happy.