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  1. No problem with the car fully jacked up. It might be a problem with a bumper jack but I,m not going to trust my bumper or my life to one of them. I know that 2.25 or even 2,15 might be closer to the width of the original 8.oo-15s but the 2.35s are taller and as close as we can get to the correct overall diameter. I had the spokes off my Olds on it with 2,25-70 series and it drove OK but looked modernized. Pat
  2. I really don't know what they are but I included them because they are on my Diamondback invoice. The tires are DBII on a Toyo base. The standard ww was 3. They did not charge extra to adjust to 2.75, a choice I made based on the guidance of Al and Tank. Pat
  3. They are 235/75/15/11/100 ordered to be as close to the 8.00-15 originals as possible. Pat
  4. I want to thank you all and especially Tim, Tank, and Al. The Toyos were ordered with 2 and 3/4 whitewalls. 2 and 1/2 inches are revealed when mounted. I think they look just right and they balanced well and drive well. Pat
  5. I am a notorious second guesser with a large dose of Scot, but with your help I finally decided. I ordered a set of 2 and 3/4 whitewall DB II tires due in 2 weeks. I'll get them on the car and post pics and you can decide how we did. Thanks again Pat
  6. Wow. That's counter intuitive. So the 3" tires you like mounted are about 2 and 3/4? Thanks for the help. Pat
  7. Al, I know what you think of the Portawalls but I'm leaning toward a set of the DBIIs. I have a nice set of the wire wheel hubcaps. Given this would you choose a 2 5/8th whitewall? Thanks, Pat
  8. What is the range of whitewall widths appropriate for the 53 Roady? Tim's 3and 1/2s above look right but vulnerable on a driver. Will 3s look right as well? Thanks Pat
  9. The Roady came with 4 225-75-15 tires from 1989, one of which has given up. The spare is an old Goodyear bias 8.00 15. I understand that the beautiful black convert above has 235-75-15s. The Buick Facts For Salesmen book says 8.00-15. Some references equate 225 -15s with 800-15s while others equate the 235s. This is probably because it matters whether you look at fatness or diameter. 800-15s are about 29.5 inches in diameter while the 235 radials are 29 but the 225s are 1.4 inches less at only 28.1.
  10. Thanks Matt. The Coker American Classics I was looking at from Summit were 8.20 equivalent which I think is 235R75-15. I saw a set on a 58 Chevy and the pie crust sidewall looked good. I asked other guys at the car show --some had both Diamondback and Coker. Some praised the DB whitewalls for staying whiter. One fella had to send Cokers back to get balance. It is complicated. Pat
  11. Are any of you happily running on Coker American Classics? Thanks Pat
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