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  1. Hey all, looking to buy a working fuel gauge for my 64 Riv. Anyone have one or know who might? Checked on eBay but no luck. Thanks, Dan.
  2. Thanks Rick. I've got all the necessary pieces to make this work, and the threads are fine, I just need longer screws like you said. One question though, I hooked it up without the spacer to see if the threads were ok, but all I hear is a clicking sound when I press the horn bar and when I turn the steering wheel. I read in another post that it could be dirty points on the horn relay, but they are clean as it's new. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance. Dan
  3. Hi Rick, I purchased the horn guts (as a kit) but with the spacer makes it so the screws cannot reach and thread into the hub. Also, it didn't include the 2 smaller screws and washers like those in the link you provided. Any ideas on how to make the screws fit? How necessary is the spacer?
  4. Hey Gene. I'm interested in the horn parts, but exactly is the horn switch? Where can I find it? Thanks, Dan
  5. Yes, I reached out to him first, but haven't heard back from him yet. Thanks Ed.
  6. Hey everyone, Looking to buy a horn cap (R script) and innards for my wood steering wheel. Anyone know where I can find them? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hey All: What is the best method for cleaning the gunk out of my crankcase breather cap on my 64 California riv so I can reuse it? Also, I plan on replacing the rubber hosing.
  8. Got the # 1cylinder at tdc, distributor still not playing nice but I'm taking it slow.
  9. Nevemind I found a picture of what it should look like and it's correct.
  10. That's perfect thanks. One last question, in the picture I just took of my distributor, is the tab supposed to look like that? It doesn't seem right to me.
  11. By that I mean cranking with thumb over #1 hole
  12. Ok, so am I supposed to repeat the process until the timing mark hits 0?
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