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  1. He's married LOL ... enjoy your humor, though
  2. the wheel base measured 127" center to center. I noted that there is chrome trim around the windows ... someone told me that the chrome would be an indicator as to whether it was originally a Cadillac or not. what should we check on next to figure this out?
  3. Going back to take a look at it so that I can measure the wheel base. The gentleman's name is unique and I still can't find him ... he may have already passed for all I know. That was 5 years ago. The car was transferred via a bill of sale into the museum's possession. I don't know if the museum had any other authentication for this car. I wondered if the supposed one-off built for Knuden (which I've not yet seen a picture of) was listed anywhere as a coupe.
  4. I will check for a build sheet, but I do know that the museum had the seats recovered and it appears the headline was replace at that time (my guess because of material and color), so it may not be there. I believe the car has also been repainted, as the Paint No is 1 (which I believed to be black, and this car is a green color) ... looking at that id plate, I can not figure out what the -6w to the right of the Paint No is for, either.
  5. This car has a ID Plate that reads: CADILLAC MOTOR CAR DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION DETROIT MICH. STYLE No 40-6019s BODY No 1753 TRIM No 54 PAINT No 1 -6w BODY BY FLEETWOOD This vehicle was donated to a Museum by a man with a New York address. I can not find any information about him online to contact him with questions. It now has an Ohio title with a VIN number listed. From my understanding, VIN numbers were not given to cars until 1954. The Ohio title does list this as a 1940 Cadillac, Sixty Series Special, 2-Door Coupe. Of course, I've read the ID plate and it indicates a SEDAN. So here are my questions: Has anyone ever seen a picture of the Sixty Special Coupe reportedly built for and driven by Bill Knudsen for two years? Is there EVER a listing for a Sixty Special Coupe built any year from 1938-1941? (Since I don't have a reference book) If Bill Knudsen actually did have one built for himself as a one-off, does anyone know for certain the year, as I saw he had a one-off built in 1938 (I believe if I remember correctly it was a V16)? Could there be a possibility that the ID Plate would show 6019S, on a coupe, if there were never actually any other coupes built because it was a one of a kind so maybe the Plate would not have reflected coupe? Also, would purchasing a Build Sheet on this vehicle give me any more information that will help me identify this car? Thanks everyone for considering these questions along with me. DCarGirl
  6. Yes V-8 under the hood. It may be a month or more before I can get back to it's place of storage to look it over. Did you happen to get an opportunity to check on Bill Kundsen's 1938 coupe being listed and have you ever seen a picture of it anywhere?
  7. two more thoughts ... was the coupe that's been reportedly built in 1938 for Bill Knudsen listed in the book you've referenced, and if so was it listed as a coupe? And ... would ordering a build sheet be the best reference material that I may be able to find on this particular car or might it be a waste of time?
  8. Studepeople. I had also recognized that 6019S was for a sedan (4-door) so that's why I verified that the title was listed as a 2-door coupe. I do have a couple of pictures that I don't mind sharing. Thank you for your quick response. The info you found in the book was the same info I had found online, too, so that's why I finally posted, just hoping to get some new views from people who know WAY more than I do! DCarGirl
  9. I'm DCarGirl and I'm new to this site. I'm hoping to find a few answers about a car I'm helping a friend with. It's a 1940 Sixty Special COUPE, yes a two door. I can NOT find any information about a coupe being built that year, although I've found several sites mentioning custom built models. I've looked the car over personally and gotten the information from the id plate to verify it's a 40 Sixty Special but the style # shows it as a 6019S. I don't know what the trim level is meant to indicate, so I don't know how to search for more information. Maybe the trim # is simply it's build sequence or maybe it tells more about the car, I just honestly don't know. I've only been looking at this for about a week, so Newbie probably describes me to a tee. I'm not totally unfamiliar with automobiles as my husband talked me into buying a couple of independent auto dealerships, but to say I know about cars would be laughable! Regarding the car, I have checked the title to verify that it is listed as a coupe not a sedan, and it is. My friend got this from a museum and was told it was a custom build, but I have NO verification of it being a custom built, though I do have verification that it did belong to the museum. Here is what I know from viewing the car and what I can gather online: 40-6019S, 2 Door Coupe, Side Mounted Spare Tires, Leather Top with IronBar, rear rock guards, believe it's been repainted, the museum had the interior redone to tan leather although I believe from the info I've read it would have originally been cloth, the id plate is marked Body by Fleetwood. How can I verify this is a one of a kind car?
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