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  1. buickguy62

    drink holder

    I have one of these, works perfectly, does not cover up the convenience outlet. I have the unfinished one, painted it blue to match the interior.
  2. Ok, found a pair with the correct tension, it's Stabilus SG130013, I bought mine from AutoZone, they had to order them. Work like new, just the correct tension.
  3. OK. the hood struts on my 1990 were getting weak, I bought on-line a pair indicated as correct for my car. The fit physically, but are much too strong. They don't seem to be adjustable. Looking for a source for the correct hood struts, Thanks, Tom
  4. I need to replace the HVAC fan control module (the HVAC fan control for the cabin, not the radiator cooling fan module) on my 1990 Reatta. I have the new module. Is there room to remove the module with the plenum in place, (concerned about clearance). If not, what do I need to remove/loosen, etc. to remove and install the new control? Thanks, Tom
  5. buickguy62

    Thank You

    I can't echo enough about the support, expertise, knowledge and helpfulness of the members of this forum. Those of us with Reatta's are very lucky that this forum exists and a thanks to those of you who make it possible.
  6. buickguy62

    New Buick

    There's a zerotosixtytimes website that lists 0-60 times for many cars, shows 1988 Reatta at 8.8 seconds, 2013 Encore at 8.3 seconds. Not bad from about an 85 CI motor.
  7. Pretty sure it was a stuck injector and the Gumout cleaned it. Pressure now holds after the 2 second pump cycle.
  8. 1990 Reatta, 155K miles, owned two years, occasionally hard to start, may take 10-15 seconds to start, other times fires right up. Put pressure gauge on fuel rail, about 40 PSI for 2 seconds, then drops to zero quickly. (Fuel pump runs for 2 seconds when key turned to 'on', then shuts off-as it should-but pressure should hold). When motor is running has good fuel pressure. So, losing pressure in fuel delivery system. Could be stuck injector, bad fuel regulator, failing fuel pump, bad check valve, leaking lines inside or outside the tank, maybe a couple other things I'm not aware of. Clue--car frequently has a rough idle, made me suspect a stuck injector. I didn't want to try to figure which injector(s) might be sticking. I had half a bottle of Gum Out fuel injector cleaner, never had much luck with these types of 'cures', but I tried it. Can you believe it--it worked, or at least whatever was causing the pressure drop is gone, and the idle seems better. Occasionally I get lucky!!!
  9. I haven't read all this posting, but originally it was stated that the Reatta would start good when cold, hard restarting when hot. I've read that the in-tank fuel pumps can get hot and have reduced output, and that if the fuel in the tank helps keep the pump cool. So, to the OP, when it starts hard are you 'low' on gas, say under 3/8 tank, does it also re-start hard when the tank is near full?
  10. I don't think you will find a better source for used Reatta parts than Jim Finn, Jfinn@cpinternet.com
  11. I thought that if you went to the Delco unit that you also needed to get the Delco mounting base (that connects to the engine) as well. Is that true?
  12. Which picture, the one with the round spacer in Zoltan's post or the one with the four identical looking clips in Ronnie's last post (Centric parts 117.62026)?
  13. I have the same issue-rattles unless the brake pedal depressed. I read what you are saying about the clip, is that diagrammed anywhere, or does anyone have pics to show the installation of the clip (I bought the hardware kit from Ronnie's store). Thanks, Tom