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  1. I agree, I would be interested at maybe $5000 tops, but unfortunately, I don't think Reatta's have bottomed out yet, I don't need another one, so for me, it would have to be a good deal, like you said though in the scheme of things, $8000 for a unique car may not be so bad, assuming it's reliable and runs as good as it looks. We're in the Buick Driving Enthusiast Club and the Reatta is the perfect car for those excursions. (I'm not trying to talk myself into this car, honest). Gotta love the red interior. Anyone have thoughts on why I couldn't get the display of the computer fault monit
  2. This '91 Reatta is no longer listed on Facebook, but is still for sale. It's owned by Sovereign Auto of Flushing, Michigan. I live about 30 minutes away and took a look at it. It's in a large storage building with probably 25 other cars parked bumper to bumper and fender to fender. When I called John, the salesman, I told him I wanted to just look at it, not to drive it, so I was OK with me that they didn't get it out as it was snowing. The building lighting was poor, but the car looked really nice. I did start it up, no obvious issues. However, I did try to check for computer flags, pus
  3. I have one of these, works perfectly, does not cover up the convenience outlet. I have the unfinished one, painted it blue to match the interior.
  4. Ok, found a pair with the correct tension, it's Stabilus SG130013, I bought mine from AutoZone, they had to order them. Work like new, just the correct tension.
  5. OK. the hood struts on my 1990 were getting weak, I bought on-line a pair indicated as correct for my car. The fit physically, but are much too strong. They don't seem to be adjustable. Looking for a source for the correct hood struts, Thanks, Tom
  6. I need to replace the HVAC fan control module (the HVAC fan control for the cabin, not the radiator cooling fan module) on my 1990 Reatta. I have the new module. Is there room to remove the module with the plenum in place, (concerned about clearance). If not, what do I need to remove/loosen, etc. to remove and install the new control? Thanks, Tom
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