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  1. I'm contacting them to see if they can send a sample of the leather. This is the only seat uposlstry I have found and I'm hopping this will work out. If anyone knows the neme of the color used on the Leather seat covers of the 1982 riviera. Is the pleated patern the same?
  2. I have a 82 convertibile and found thease new http://www.profitautointeriors.com/products/Buick/1983/Riviera/Seat-Covers--Full-Set--2-Door-Convertible--1983-85-Riviera/7240632/ABUI83R2CV.html. there for 83-85 and im trying to find out what the diference is in the 82 seats. hope this helps.
  3. I have been looking at getting my seats reupolstered. Im seeing its not cheep. I have been quoted as high as $3,000.00. When searching for parts I found this site http://www.profitautointeriors.com/products/Buick/1983/Riviera/Seat-Covers--Full-Set--2-Door-Convertible--1983-85-Riviera/7240632/ABUI83R2CV.html Low Back Buckets with Adjustable Headrests for Front, Solid Bench for Rear, Done Like Original with Horizontal Pleat, Leather Upholstery, Made in the USA . The seats are for 83-85 riviera and I have a 82. What is the diference in the seats between 82 and 83?
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