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  1. I appreciate the offer. I can't take advantage of Forum members like that since I am so new here. I'veonly seen the ears on one other car. I don't know if they are add on's or a factory option.
  2. It is true dual exhaust with some moderately loud mufflers. I really like the way it sounds but I know it's not correct.
  3. Anderson is the person that introduced me to this forum and has already been a big supporter. I am going to need a lot more help too. I look forward to meeting every one it certainly appears to be a great group.
  4. It came out of Fla years ago to a Buick collector in Nashville TN.
  5. I have a 41 Roadmaster, I just joined the Forum yesterday so I'm not sure if you are still collecting this info. I absolutely love this car. I think I could easily fall in love with almost any classic car.
  6. I am just getting started here and posted in General Discussion first. I had several recommendations to post in the Buick section. I recently purchased this ole Buick, a 41 Roadmaster that I love. She is a dream come true for me. I love to drive her. It's a 20 footer but beauty only goes paint deep, love goes all the way to the drive shaft. I'll post a few pictures of the ole Buick for your review Many thanks to forum member 41Roadmaster. He has already helped me a lot and I am grateful to him Thank You Donald Wallace Clarksville Tennessee .
  7. I posted my first time yesterday and should have attached pictures but I did not take the time to figure it out. Not so hard after all. As I said, this 41 is my first pre-war car and I love her. I drive her every chance I get. I have already received a lot of help from a forum member that I greatly appreciate. This ole buick is a 20 footer, I will be pulling parts together then she will go under the knife. I have alway restored cars that had reproduction parts available. I am finding it to be alot of fun researching and looking for the parts. Thanks and I look forward e-meeting you guys. I al
  8. Good afternoon. I am new here, just wanted to say HI. I purchased a 41 Roadmaster 4 dr Sedan several months ago. It is my first pre-war vehicle, it is a great driver but I will be restoring the ole girl. I am going to need a lot of help so I will be asking many questions. I want to say thanks to a Forum member, 41Roadmaster. He is the one that steered me to this site and it looks like a great place. Thanks
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