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  1. What would you take for the shrunken head, that is so much better than fuzzy dice. Great videos and car. Have you thought about clear coating it. Idon't know anything about it but you see these guys doing it on the car shows to preserve the car. Great Job.
  2. I hate to ask the question but there's only one way to find out! What is a sweep spear? Thank You Donnie
  3. There is a guy on the Buick For Sale thread with a couple of 70's cars that appear to suit your need. They are reasonable, would be fun and could double as a hobby to take to a car show. Good Luck, I totally understand your situation.
  4. It is not a 57 Chevy, it may resemble it but no match.
  5. I use to live and work in Chattanooga and drove by Coker every day. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of America. I absolutely love your ride. I think it has a great look and a great stance. I hope that the guy who restored his Mom and Dads car sees your car with the hub caps.
  6. Your cars appear to be reasonable. Chevys and Fords are still selling pretty good but the auctions on TV and TV shows on car restorations have really hurt our hobby. First, people think their cars are worth what the wealthy guys pay for a #1 car on Barretts. Secondly, an average buyer now expects all cars that are for sale to be in # 1 condition. I just sold a 55 Chevy, stated in the ad that it needed restoration and the price reflected the condition. Everyone that looked at it picked it to death. The other thing I noticed was that there were no lookers under the age of 45. Our hobby is being
  7. If you want to sell, then go for it. If your family is encouraging you to sell, I would encourage them to kiss my big toe.
  8. So Cool! Doesn't matter it it was made years ago or yesterday it is really fun to watch. Thank You, Donnie
  9. It appears to be a one piece casting but I believe it is baffled to separate the exhasut, but I just don't know. I like the way it is but I would like to have a factory (correct) manifold.
  10. Anderson (41Roadmaster) ask me to post this picture for everyone. This is the way the car was when I bought it.
  11. Very nice car in super condition. It is easy for the owner to defend this car. I love Lincolns, I had Lincolns in the late 70's and 80's and I remember a lot about them. The crushed velvet seat material was entry level, leather was the upgrade. The other options that are not there are as several others have said, indicitive of entry level cars. Nothing wrong with that at all. The paint line shows up in two pictures from different angles so it is most likely real. One of my best friends since the 80's owned a Ford dealership before brain tumors caused him to sell. The point is, if he had a per
  12. She is at my house now. I told her yesterday that I wanted to post the pictures. When I told her that this site loved pictures of pretty girls and Buicks I got a smile and she said I could scan the pictures. It may take a couple of weeks but I will post them as soon as I can. Thanks
  13. My Mother came to visit so I showed her the "New" car. She was pretty excited and went all over the car as you might expect a man to do. Come to find out, when my parents were married they moved from a farm in Tennessee to Detroit and purchased a 47 Buick Roadmaster, that was in 52. My brother wanted to drive the car so they went for a ride and the smile on my Mothers face was priceless. the next time I visited her at her house she had her family photos layed out showing the car and of course pictures of her sitting on the car. I suppose that was the thing back then. What a great feeling to s
  14. Has anyone confirmed that this car is for real? Thanks
  15. Well 1948Lincoln you have about the sharpest car to ever come out of Detroit. I love those Lincolns.
  16. What a great story, I felt like I was there with you.
  17. My car is a 10 footer, same issues as you have. I just can't make myself sand off 72 year old paint even if it's failing. I figure it will get bad enough one day to paint and I'll paint it when I can't stand it any more. Your car looks to good to paint in my humble opinion.
  18. You certainly have creative talent. While selecting a profession keep that talent in mind. If you do what you enjoy it will be fun to make a living.
  19. I am new to this Forum and just found this thread. What a great story. This would make a great movie! Beauty is only paint deep, love goes all the way through. I have said that before, but in this case it is so very true. I have developed a lot of respect for you as I read through this. I was so caught up I could not stop reading it. Thank you for this uplifting and inspriational story, Donnie Wallace
  20. It's a cool picture. I worked at a Power Copany before I retired. Times have certainly changed
  21. Thanks, I am not familiar with BCA. Can you tell me more about it?
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