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  1. NADA Classic Car Values Low 1275 Ave 2375 High 3550 Working air adds a couple hundred bucks. These are considered Retail Values
  2. Something like that, sad to say.
  3. Mr. Zimmermann, You are certainly as humble as you are talented. Your models are just as impressive as the boy. I was in hope that you would enjoy the video as I did. Donnie Wallace
  4. I can tell that you are very attached to the car, so there is a danger here that you may want to shoot the messenger. It's worth between $2,000 and $3,700 depending on the considerations of, do you want to sell quick and wholesale it. Or do you want to invest the time to get retail. Without pictures of the paint and interior no one can really give you the value, even the color can influence the value. Those are prices that you can expect if you find a serious buyer.
  5. Terry, for what it means you get the prize in my humble opinion. I love this picture!
  6. We are really big Halloween fans at our house. As for a haunted car. I used to have several haunted cars. It seems that every car I owned before I got married had a haint that came out about mid-night every time I drove them. At midnight they would not let me drive straight. They would wander all over the road, did not stop like they were suppose to, they continually hit stuff and I would have problems getting in and out of them. It seems odd that one person would have so many haunted cars. Then my wife came along and apparently scared all of the haints away! Go figure!
  7. This was sent to me today and I just have to share it with you guys and girls. A 249 year old automatronics (I think) boy that still writes. Enjoy http://www.chonday.com/Videos/the-writer-automaton
  8. Really nice, it looks like about three years of hard work. I for one would like to see a couple hundred of those pictures.
  9. I've been watching the auction, they are streaming it on the web. Prices are way down now that they are out in the field but.......... A 65 Impala just sold for $4250.
  10. Sorry, I put in an i that it should not have. Try http://www.chonday.com/Videos/the-writer-automaton
  11. Mr. Zimmermann, I thought you might enjoy seeing what was going on in your country many decades ago. I hope that you enjoy . If this does not work please let me know so I resend this to you, it is amazing. Thanks Donnie Wallace http://www.chonday.com/Videos/the-writer-automation Just go on to my next post, this address is wrong. Sorry
  12. This is one of my issues with the hobby. Now every T,D and H will think their old junker out in the fence row is worth what these cars brought. So people are over pricing their car, young people wanting to get started can't afford the price, and the car sits and rots! I suppose it's tha American way. I turned 16 in 1973 when I bought a beautiful maroon 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS for $400. But I was working for $1.50/hr working on a farm when I wasn't in school. How the times are changing.
  13. We don't have much color yet in TN but I did take a few pictures today. The old girl a little too old for this thread but she doesn't know how old she is .
  14. One thing I have noticed is the pride you show in your wife's career. Congratulations, few men can do that. Most men want to be the top earner. You sir are a "class act". I am also proud for your wife to branch out in a male dominated career and suceed. That is a fine accomplishment. My wife and I have moved 7 times with my job. Each move brings new adventures and new friends. Stay positive and look for a good church to attend. Good Luck
  15. Mr. Zimmermann, I worked at a power production company in the USA before retireing. We had several BBC/ABB Turbines and Generators. The engineering and machine talent from Switzerland always amazed me. I just saw this post this morning and could not put it down. It is a pleasure to see someone with your skills working through a project, and is very generous of you to share this with all of us. Thank You, Donnie Wallace
  16. And now he will be surprised when no one wants to buy it.
  17. Maybe not funny but Rob's quote "theres nothing like that old car smell" was used by my wife on Sunday. She has not supported my hobby quite the way I had hoped for. However, she came around when I restored a Chevrolet and now she actually requests to go out for a ride or maybe out to eat in the car . But it was a total nut and bolt restoration, air cond, disc brakes etc, etc.. When I found the Buick and she finally gave in, she did not come around so fast. I've noticed that she walks by it and sticks her head in to smell it from time to time. So Sunday afternoon, about 78 degrees, I got the
  18. Junkyardjeff, Boy did you ever push the big red button. I live in a town of about 150,000 people. Yesterday there was a car show at one end of the mall and a motorcycle toy run at the other end. There were about 80 cars that attended the car show. There were over 1,100 bikes that attended their event and people actually lined the streets to see the bikes. They were in truck beds in lawn chairs there were hundreds of vehicles along the side of the road. Over at the car show, not much going on. One last kick in the teeth, when the modified cars pulled out they left with screaming tires and drivi
  19. First, I want to say "to each his own", everyone should do what they enjoy about this hobby. I'm not a car show person, I love the cars that get driven. I like to see them at gas stations and resturants. However, my good friend loves car shows so I go with him. My wife and I enjoy just getting out for the day in the old Chevrolet. Now. what worries me is the loss of interest in our hobby. It hard to find people under the of 40 that have an interest in the old stuff. I wish we would begin to put our efforts to bring the young people in to the hobby. I have a nephew that is 30 years old and coul
  20. What a nice Parade car. Really is a fantastic grill. Can you imagine; it's Sept. 49, you look up and see this BUICK in your rear view mirror, coming up on you at a high rate of speed. You wouldn't know if it was going to eat your car or simply pass. What a relief when it pulls out to go around! I love your ride!
  21. What a beautiful automobile that you have put together. I know the effort it takes to do a car to the level. It's well worth it when it's done and you go on your first one car parade. If you need to raise $$ for that last push I may have a buyer for all that nail polish at your house. Donnie
  22. I have really enjoyed this thread. What a great idea. I love dash boards and I would have never seen a lot of these without this post. Thanks
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