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  1. Me Earl, When someone questions a Christians faith it is intended to be hurtful.
  2. I truly appreciate your thoughts and sincere feelings. I am not the one offened. A person joked with me, I joked back and he was offended, then he made reference to my Christian Faith. I am not mad or offended. I sent the person a personal and public appology. I am a devout Christian and feel it is best to let it drop, which is why I was saying farewell to all of you who I have enjoyed getting to know. Thanks Again and May God Bless You.
  3. After much consternation I have decided it best to leave this Forum. While I have enjoyed meeting many of you I have inadvertantly offended someone. I am a Christian and his comment questioning my faith has given me cause to leave. You have been a really fun and informative group. I will continue to enjoy the old Buick and I wish you all the best and many miles of happy motoring. I will miss you all. May God Bless You, Donnie Wallace
  4. Chuck, I had to post in a couple of places too before I got to the correct places. I really like the Buick Forum because it is the official Buick Forum. However, you will enjoy going to the other forums to see all the extraordinary automobiles and stories. There are a lot of fun people, this is the same as anything else in life. If you participate you can really enjoy yourself. The more you put into it the more you get out of it.
  5. I hate to interfer with your fun guys but I have to say I LOVE A 32 now that I have seen these.
  6. I'm one of those that loved the 34. Great picture, thanks for sharing.
  7. What a cool car that you settled on. I am happy that you decided not to buy a rod. These original cars are more fun and preserve history. Happy Motoring Donnie Wallace
  8. That was very entertaining and it was tough as nails. Bonnie and Clyde should have been stealing Plymouths!
  9. I just saw this thread today. Early when you said you were spending your kids inheritance I laughed. Now I say congratulations on the decision. What an automobile that you guys have built. I wish I could see it in person. This is one of those instances that pictures do not do it justice. You made another comment was about keeping it clean, shop dust on the frame made you think about how hard it will be to maintain the "like new" condition. Don't try, treat it like a new car and she will give you great joy. I hope that you do not make her a trailer Queen.
  10. We would love to meet you, we have several spare bedrooms and welcome you to stay here. Also, if your grandaughter ever needs anything while her husband is deployed she can call me and I will do anything I can to assist her. I am retired so I am at home most of the time. 931-358-0469.
  11. Hello Chuck, I'm glad to see you here, you will love it. I was new here just a few short weeks ago. If you will participate, you will be part of the family in no time. Everyone here is helpful and wants to see you enjoy your new car. Pictures is what it takes to sooth the savage beasts in all of us. I hope you enjoy this Forum as much as I do. Just jump in and hang on. Donnie Wallace
  12. I love movies set in that time period. I grew up in the 60's (born in 57) so I love the cars from back then. My Father and uncles were all car nuts. My Father and one uncle owned a car lot so we were always driving a different car.
  13. It does look like he was clawing to get out. That door panel didn't stand a chance. That was a great idea for a photo op. You did it up very nice, that's a great Halloween idea too. I may copy it.
  14. That looks like a lot of fun and what beautiful cars. The 34 gets the prize.
  15. To install studs, can't you use a Grade 8 stud without a head on either end. Screw one end in to the thread on the hub, lock tight it. Then put your wheel on and put lug nuts on. Those type studs are easy to find.
  16. Well, at least you had a good time for one afternoon!
  17. I suppose I am lucky to live in the south in that I just keep on driving them all year. They are as much fun for me to drive at 30 degrees as they are at 80 degrees. I am not a car show person so I do not miss the car events of Summer. I simply drive these old cars for fun. However, salty roads would be reason keep the ladies inside. I'll be happy to store it for you, you could visit her on weekends and Holidays. I would be happy to exercise her for you too. What are cyber friends for?
  18. I really hate to admit it but I have been burned too. One time to the tune of $15,000. It really sours a person. I know we are not suppose to put any religous stuff on here but I have to violate that in this case. If you can forgive and forget you will be a happier man. When you allow a few people,, who love money more than the principles of honesty and integrity to get you down then you have allowed them to win. Please do not live looking at the past or in car terms "looking in the rear view mirror". We have to put bad experiences behind and move on. That applies to a bad marrage, bad car deal, bad boss etc, etc.. I hope that you can find the ability to forgive and forget so you can remain a happy person no matter what you do with your cars.
  19. Shaved rear door handles. Nothing wrong with a 4 door car, I wish people would quit trying to make a 2 door car out of a 4 door. Trust it to go anywhere but reverse doesn't work. Everytime I have taken a cross country trip I have used reverse at least 2 or 3 times.
  20. Stastics show that the spread between the highest and lowest incomes are widening in America, even in this economy. If you learn to read the Dealer Invoice Sheets you will see the invoice (price paid) is about 2,500 - 3,000 below the MSRP on a new truck of a $35,000 MSRP. So they discount 10% and show you that they are going broke. Poor dealership! Now ask them to show you what is called "hold back (amount paid to dealer when they sell said vehicle). Then ask about the incentive plan the manufacture has on the vehicle (not the advertised cash back or interest) for the dealer. So the bottom line is if you pay the invoice price they will still make several thousand dollars on the vehicle. Naturally some dealerships have gone broke because they did not sell vehicles.
  21. And after all the hipe, the ridiculous prices and numerous complaints THE AUCTION LIVES ON
  22. Nice pictures, I am amazed at how many of these I can say "I had one of those". Thanks
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