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  1. Actually found a guy that sold us a bunch of NOS parts. He was able to make two strips for us that match.
  2. Thank you very much for that feedback. I kept thinking that it might've been a too good to be true sorta deal. Pretty much confirms that.
  3. Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has a good source for hard to find parts for this vehicle. I have been on the web full time since Monday trying to find a replacement for the chrome? trim strip along the sides of the car. I am missing the passenger's side front door trim piece and would like to also replace a detached and very bent driver's side rear trim strip. Any information would be totally helpful. Thanks.
  4. We just had three new restoration projects come in on Monday and there is a bit of chrome on them that I am considering having re-plated. While I was browsing the web and considering purchasing one of the many DIY kits out there, I came across two different vendors who use a spray on chroming process that uses ammonium nitrate and water. It looked really interesting. See mekki-chrome on youtube to see what I am talking about. Kind of wondering if anyone has any experience with this process as I have some serious concerns with this method, namely durability against heat and being touched. The set up that would be required for the spray on chroming method would cost less than the quote I got for just one of the vehicles. Any thoughts or experiences would be very helpful. Thanks.
  5. I don't know anything about them but am very intrigued in the Nash steering wheel clock. I saw one listed on ebay for around 400 yesterday.
  6. That is my favorite version of the winged emblem. How big are you looking to have it printed?
  7. Historically, I know that the truck came from the L.A. factory and was owned by the city of Santa Monica and was put into service as a city utility truck. I do not know where it went after that, only that it was sold to my boss a little while ago and that effectively the title is lost.
  8. Thank you very much. I've read a lot of the threads in this forum over the past few days before registering. Amazing tow truck man! I've been having a heck of a time trying to locate stock wheels.
  9. Hello all. I am new to this forum and I'm currently helping my boss with a few of his car projects as far as researching and sourcing parts for restoration. My first project is this really neat 1934 KH31 1.5 ton dump truck. I know a lot of the vehicles history but currently have no title for the vehicle. I am trying to see if any of you who have gone through the process of getting your build certificates had any trouble without having a title. I'm told that the gentleman who sold the truck to my boss said he has one for the truck but never got around to getting it to him. I just spent the last half hour crawling around this truck and finding the VIN and body numbers (had to lift those off with graphite and tape). I am going to call the Chrysler Historical Services office now. Just kinda wanted to feel out some other experiences. Any suggestions would be great! Here's a picture of it. I'll post more once the project gets going.
  10. Thanks for posting this! Will help me a lot to determine what I am looking at with this 1934 1.5 ton dump truck we recently got.