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  1. graham 58


    Hi Justdave . you should be able to go to the graham owners website page and print off the serial number and model ID information . Is it a 6 or an 8 cylinder car ? the plate for the serial number should be on the passenger side of the car behind the seat ,its an aluminum plate .if you cant find the information I will see if I can post it here on this tread PM me if I can help out
  2. graham 58

    Award Winning 1929 Phaeton Appraisal / Sale

    My condolences also Matthew ,I knew your grandfather from the car being restored at Tom pattersons place in Newtonville and being at a few shows with him and your grandmother. Your grandfather was a great guy always had a smile on his face. Could I take a look at the car sometime thanks
  3. graham 58

    20" 7 lug WIre wheels....Question

    Alan . The Graham wheels that I have seen are either way . I will take some pictures of all 3 , disc ,wire with lugs viewable , and wire with lugs behind the hubcap if you like . I think that I have all 3 stored in a couple of different places . You will have to give me a couple of days to get the pictures because we are in the middle of a winter storm now . Ray
  4. graham 58

    Temp sending unit

    I am looking for a W G Nagel Electric Co tempature sending unit model H-14 for a 1930 Graham 8 cyl car . I think that this unit was used on a number of different cars of the same era . If you don't have one is there anyone who can tell me how to test the one that I have to prove or fix it Thanks
  5. graham 58

    20" 7 lug WIre wheels....Question

    Hello Alan The grahams from 1928 to 1930 used a 7 bolt pattern on their long wheelbase 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder cars . I have just purchased a 1928 619 chassis with 7 bolt disc wheels
  6. graham 58

    Three Passenger Coupes? 1929-1930 Full Classics?

    Graham Man I have also seen a '28 Graham 610 or 612 set up like this but there was a copper vessel to hold water behind the drivers seat . I was told that the setup was for a doctor or vet .
  7. I am also interested if alsfarms does not take it . Will you be going to the Stowe Vt show the first weekend in August by chance . Thans Ray
  8. graham 58

    1921 studebaker top

    JFranklin, I have the irons and an original ripped top on the car now . I have just purchased this car it was a " Barn " find that some racoons got into and destroyed the top and upholstery . The top still has the pads and strapping as patterns plus I could probably use the original top as a pattern if I had to . Thanks for the reply
  9. Hi there ,is anyone making tops for a 1921 light six touring and if not any ideas where to get material to build a top Thanks
  10. graham 58

    Canadian car companies

    There was a Briscoe and an Atlas built in Brockville Ontario near the 1000 islands region
  11. graham 58

    1933 Graham

    The vin plate should be located just inside the right rear door on the floor . There should be 3 plates on the floor to identify the car Ray
  12. graham 58

    Anyone know what this old tail light came off of?

    It looks like a 32 to 34 graham taillight assembly message me if you would like to sell it thanks ray