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  1. My car no longer has the pedal start switch. Push button under dash. So can I use the other gm carbs? Does the linkage match up?
  2. Hey Jon, any particular reason I'm looking for a buick only Rochester? Will the other gm's fit?
  3. Hey Carbking guess I got the right guy lol so the early Rochester 4-GC will work with my manifold and my air cleaner?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a 1956 322 WCFB or equivalent. I would like to retain the original air cleaner assembly. Do any of the aftermarket carbs have the same size air horn? What variants of the Carter WCFB will fit on the 322?
  5. Ok so I will use the 55 cover with the 56 timing tab and harmonic damper?
  6. No disrespect tank but I am thoroughly confused. I was under the impression the 264 doesn't have a timing mark. Isn't it timed through the bell housing? I am not yet experienced enough with nailheads to know. I unfortunately don't have the case covers in front of me to check if the 322 timing mark will fit on the 264 case. Does anyone have a picture of the 55 322 front timing case?
  7. Yes guys it is going into a 55 that's why I would like to use the 264 case cover but tank where do I mount the timing scale?
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if the front timing case cover and water pump from my 55 264 will fit onto a 56 322? If so do I use the 264 pulley or do I use the 322 harmonic balancer? If I use the 264 pulley how do I time it? If I use the 322 balancer is there a place to put the the timing mark from the front cover off the 322? Sorry if there are a lot of questions in this thread but I want to cover all bases
  9. Thanks for the picture Paul that makes it easier to see where buick5563 was talking about. Ver nice interior shot by the way.
  10. Hey guys I just received my used (extremely used condition) lighter for my 55 buick. I am wondering where I can find a new element. Also where does the housing mount??
  11. Ok guys thanks so much for all your responses, so here is the update...I found a place about 30 miles from my garage that will sell me a "new" radiator for $600. The only problem I have with this is should I have my tanks recored considering they are still in great shape or should I go with the new one off the shelf? I am not sure if his "new one" is a recore or not.
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