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  1. Ok guys the suggestions were much appreciated. The engine is out and on the stand.
  2. Wow ok now I feel like a complete dummy. Thanks tank for clearing that up.
  3. I must not be understanding?? End intake locations? Do we have a picture of these? I'm sorry but I'm a little confused.
  4. I don't disagree with you Tank but I really don't want to remove the intake. Do you think the exhaust manifold bolts will hold the weight. I can get grade 8 bolts.
  5. Hey guys I'm going to be pulling the nailhead on my 55 special. I was wondering what the easiest place to place the chains. The intake is still on the engine and I am looking to leave it complete can I use some exhaust manifold bolts?? My trans is already disconnected so I am just going to be lifting the weight of the motor.
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