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  1. The pair shown are 16" rings and I would like to find a match in 18". Thanks again. dusty
  2. Wanted: Pair of used 18" smooth trim rings or beauty rings for use on a set of 18" Kelsey Hayes Co Milk Truck wheels. Can anyone confirm the 32 Ford rings will work or is there another 18" ring available that is a smooth ring ? These do not need to be show quality. Thanks.
  3. I'm still hoping a pair or even a single is out there for sale. Any leads on this exact 18" wheel ?
  4. Wanted: I would like to buy a pair of vintage Firestone Indy Tires "Deluxe Champion" 8.00 - 18". Thanks. dusty
  5. Still on the hunt for a single or a pair. Check your basements, corn cribs, barns, attics, pastures, hedge rows, etc. Thanks everyone ! dusty
  6. Will search for them and give them a ring Thanks.
  7. Thanks Neil. I know they are pricey but still searching.
  8. Wanted a handful of original 34' FORD parts to complete this project: * Orig hood hinge bracket. * One drivers side exterior door handle. * One door key lock. * One deck lid trunk handle. Thanks dusty
  9. Yes, no replies as of today. Thanks still looking.
  10. WTD: Edmunds or Edmunds Custom intake for a 1934 Flathead "FORD". (Prefer old patina rather than polished or bead-blasted). Let me know what you have. Thanks. dusty
  11. Wanted a pair of exterior door handles and a deck lid trunk handle. Do not need to be show quality and no repo stuff please. Thanks. dusty.
  12. Searching for the following original (not repo) parts if anyone can assist: 34' Coupe outside door handles (pair). 34' Coupe trunk or decklid handle. 34' Coupe hood center stainless strip. 34' Coupe hood center strip brackets both ends. (see pics). Thanks for any leads. . dusty.
  13. Correct I am aware but am set on an original set. Thank you kindly.
  14. Thank you Viv... I have just bought one from a private party appreciate your help.