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  1. The pair shown are 16" rings and I would like to find a match in 18". Thanks again. dusty
  2. Wanted: Pair of used 18" smooth trim rings or beauty rings for use on a set of 18" Kelsey Hayes Co Milk Truck wheels. Can anyone confirm the 32 Ford rings will work or is there another 18" ring available that is a smooth ring ? These do not need to be show quality. Thanks.
  3. I'm still hoping a pair or even a single is out there for sale. Any leads on this exact 18" wheel ?
  4. Wanted: I would like to buy a pair of vintage Firestone Indy Tires "Deluxe Champion" 8.00 - 18". Thanks. dusty
  5. Still on the hunt for a single or a pair. Check your basements, corn cribs, barns, attics, pastures, hedge rows, etc. Thanks everyone ! dusty
  6. Thanks Neil. I know they are pricey but still searching.
  7. Wanted a handful of original 34' FORD parts to complete this project: * Orig hood hinge bracket. * One drivers side exterior door handle. * One door key lock. * One deck lid trunk handle. Thanks dusty
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