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  1. Loving the D11!! I have been following your progress and am happy to see the rig is up and running!
  2. Howdy, I am having a buddy do some work on my D11 and I am trying to track down the flywheel torque specs. Anyone have that information handy?
  3. Well, that sounds fun. I plan on crawling under it this weekend to see what is going on.
  4. I just received the service manual this morning so that will help in diagnosing the problems. I ended up having the car towed home last night. When I started the car the clutch pedal moved back into its correct position on its own and there was some spongy pressure to the pedal. However, there was not enough to get the car into gear with the engine running. I think it may be an adjustment issue. When coming to a stop at an intersection, with the clutch in, I have always had difficulty shifting into 1st gear. I had to wait for the RPMs to slow way down before it would pop in. It is my understanding, from looking at vintage advertisements for the car, that this was one of their big selling points: the transmission would shift very smoothly into all gears.
  5. Gents, I was driving my D-11 into work this morning and when I was about a mile away from my office, I heard a grinding like the car jumped out of gear (I was in 3rd gear coasting down a long hill and had been for about a mile - clutch out, no gas). I immediately tossed in the clutch (which had normal pressure), pulled off the road and tried to put it into gear and had no issues. I drove it the rest of the way to my office using all three gears. When I pulled into my office I tossed in the clutch to take it out of gear and noticed that the clutch was almost fully depressed with little movement. I was able to get it out of gear with no issues and the clutch will pull out easily with the toe of my shoe. Anyone have any idea what might have happened? I have about a 35 mile drive back home this afternoon and I would much rather get it home than pay for a tow charge from here back to the house.
  6. NEVER!!! I figure we get 8 months of good sledding and 4 months of rough sledding!!
  7. yeah, it wont be there long. I suspect I have only a few weeks left of driving it and I will replace it with a NOS or rebuilt over the winter - along with a number of other things.
  8. Folks- My temp gauge is no longer working and I am wondering if a modern mechanical temp gauge will work on a 1939 dodge sedan? I plan on ordering a NOS or rebuilt one ASAP, however I just bought a water pump and the bank (aka wife) says I can't order it for a few weeks and with the weather quickly changing, I want to get the last few days of driving in before snow flies. Thoughts?
  9. Outstanding. I searched google and found nothing. Never looked at eBay. Go figure.
  10. 1936 D2, Not yet - can't find any references on the interwebs.
  11. Right on. Any suggestions where to get a good rebuild kit?
  12. Found a leak in the water pump from the weep hole. Odd thing is that it does not do it when the engine is running. Once the engine stops, there is a class II leak (army speak there) which is what drains the radiator. I am assuming this is not normal. Is it easy to rebuild a water pump?
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