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  1. Is there a cd of this book on line where I can purchase?
  2. I am looking at a 1933 terraplane is rough shape. How hard is it to get parts for these cars. I am familiar with Ford and have a 1933. hye said hw has the headlights, but no seats, need bumper, engine there but who knows, not running of course.
  3. Consider using NON detergent oil. OIl non rebuilt engines have a great deal of crude in the engine crevices and even small cracks. Detergent oil can sometimes remove that stuff causing the engine to leak.
  4. Fascinating...I love the idea of air cool or are they actually oil cooled? Anyway, considering all the problems with cracked blocks on the old fords, do these air cooled also crack releasing oil?
  5. I know Franklin used an aircooled engine, any experience with these engines? I am familiar with volkswagen air cooled simple engine.
  6. Anyone out there that can rebuilt a DL 1933 ford Carb
  7. are these power train parts?
  8. How hard is it to get parts for these cars? I presently have a ford 1933 and parts are relatively easy to get.
  9. Anyone have experience in the best way to cut the old battery case, so as to avoid problems in making the case for the old new battery. Maybe cutting the bottom off the old case so that it fits over the new battery???
  10. I have a repro Ford 1933 battery that just cannot take a charge. Only 1 year old. Has anyone had any success with these horrible repro batteries or should I just replace with a modern battery like optima.
  11. Other than the fill caps do lead acid batteries have vent holes? I have a battery that has an 1/8 in hole in the top? Defective I imagine.
  12. antique car jacks were bottle jacks, right? I have a 1933 ford, If I use a bottle jack is there a secure place to put it for changing ma rear tire and also a front tire if I get a flat?
  13. Do original Model A's have plate glass windows and not laminated windows?
  14. Thanks guys for your help.... Sounds great, interesting. Really appreciate it.
  15. Found out that the Lincoln Highway route 30 was built around 1917 and extends from New York city to san Francisco.
  16. Planning to travel from philadelphia to indiana and then to chicago on the original roads of 1933. I have heard that a lot of the original roads have changed designations since 1933. What is the best way to organize this trip?
  17. Is it ok to put STP oil additive in these 1933 transmissions
  18. I drained out the 80 with MMO and added just added the 80 gear oil I have and noticed that I shifting into 1st was much nicer..I guess with heavy oil 1st gear stops spinning and is easier to get into. I ordered 600 w from Mac's...Is that really 140w and not 250 w. You are right I will be doing most driving in the hot weather so I want to add the nheavest oil I can get.
  19. Mac's sells 600W..I have been told this is 140 wt? I have a 1933 ford that has no syncro in 1st and reverse. So I need heavy oil to facilitate shifting into these gears. HELP... My 1933 owners manual says to use sae 250 in summer and sae 110 in winter.
  20. I will be putting NEW Brake Rod Supports/dampers on my front and rear brake rods on my 1933 ford fordor. How do I disconnect these so that I can slide the supports/dampers onto the existing rods and then reattach to wheels
  21. You hear a lot about aluminum HC heads to improve HP output. What is the real advantage of an Aluminum head?