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  1. Want to find good home for what I suspect is an windshield for 18-20 Buick. Great condition and has all hardware and what looks like original glass. Will take best offer plus shipping from Iowa to your destination of choice.
  2. That looks like the one. Thanks guys. I will throw it on the sale side and see if I can find a good home for it.
  3. Big help Greg. Thanks much.
  4. Will never throw out. Once I I'd I will see if someone wants to buy it. The windshield is located in northern Iowa.
  5. Trying to identify this windshield. My Mom was going to throw in the dumpster but I would not let her do it. Looks like a piece of history. Also looks original and has all the hardware. Some thought it may be 20's era Buick or Dodge. It is about 19 inches high, 39.25 inches across the windshield frame, 38.5 inches from center of mounting studs. Would love to find a home where it could be put to good use.
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