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  1. The eBay item was for the windows behind (the passengers back seat) and not the doors,those rubbers of my car are in perfect shape , so have to look further , but thanks for the tip ! I think maybe Narraganset restaurations can help me , but better look first which parts I need more , shipping to Netherlands is not for free ;-) Winter is coming , so a little more time for the restauration..
  2. Someone have those parts ? Alsow looking for a good original radio , or parts of it.
  3. I have sent an email to mead@vallnet.com and the webmaster Bob Meat told me I could try sending an email to info@cornerstonereg.com So that I did. We wait a while.
  4. So , i filled in the form to join the Lincoln club, but can I e-mail it ? I can't find the e-mail address . thank you !
  5. Collin, I will send you an e- mail , I can write better in English than talk
  6. here a picture of the vacuum cylinders and there are two Air Reservoirs, I don't know where they Should be ?
  7. I'll try to make some better pictures next time,an other member already said it is for the vacuum windows and wiper, but thank you verry much,the only little thing is that the intake collector is from a older Lincoln and there is a carburettor of a ford on it with 3 bold flange.
  8. Thank you John ! my e-mail address is bart.bianca@hotmail.com
  9. Does the vacuum comes from the intake manifold ? See picture where the hose is , on the right of the carb,this one is now plugged
  10. If the vacuum system is original made from the factory back in'42 than we ensure that it is going to work ! that is indeed a challenge,but I think that is the beautiful thing about repair the older cars 'challenge' !! It should not all go naturally !
  11. John, so they build the '42 in the beginning with vacuum windows ? i think it is original with this car,I think al the parts are there,the reserve tank to,I must look,but my father said the wipers are also vacuum system. we will Join the club, I only don't know yet how we must pay , maybe credit card is an option,I don't have that,maybe my father.. does anyone know how many times in a year the club book comes out ? Mr.colin is the person who helps the first man who imported the car,I think. Only he doesn't worked to the car I think, before us someone else had the car,he had done some work as the brake system,he has 3 more Lincoln's 2 cabrio's one '42 tax €200.000 ! He also want to sell him know for €155,000 is on the internet now. And a younger one and a coupe 3 window for sell to , completely restored all of them. But this one was to much for him, And I think his health doesn't help him also. thanks for the help !
  12. Does anyone know how it must be installed ? and where from does he get the vacuum ? (All I have is the cilinders and a big vacuum pot/tube) :confused:
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