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  1. Nice! Can you add me to your mailing list please? garnish@me.com Thanks!
  2. Hi Bob Thanks for your reply and parts tip. I think a lot of things are cheaper here but not groceries! Dave
  3. Hey Guys This is my first time on here. I accidentally stumbled across a Chrysler TC a few weeks ago and it was the best accident I have had in my life – I just knew I wanted a convertible, had a look at some obvious choices like Audi A4 etc not impressed with anything under $10k so I popped 'convertible' and nothing else into Autotrader saw one, and it was love at first sight! I'm English and new to the US so didn't know anything about Chrysler either! I've had a bit of work done and was not impressed at all with the mechanic so I am looking for one that cares in the Hollywood area. I am also looking for a replacement button on the top of the stick shift. Mine was loose and worn so the mechanic stuck it back on with glue so strong it has eaten away the plastic I need a replacement button and rod that the button fits into which is about 10' long. I guess it goes down to the transmission. Does that make sense? Thanks in advance Dave Garnish
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