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  1. EYE CANDY-Rob McDonald [ATTACH=CONFIG]212486[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212487[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212488[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212489[/ATTACH]The interior photo isn't real clear, but the gauges and radio glass is spotless. You can't tell from the photos, but I was running out of light, and I don't like using a flash. Shadetree77, the more I look at that bracket, I'm not sure that the visor is mounted to factory specs. It appears that the visor is too far out to couple directly with the center bracket. [ATTACH=CONFIG]212492[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212493[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]212494[/ATTACH]
  2. Well, I'm back after a long weekend out of the area. As far as my electrical goes, I tested everything under the hood. The battery was reading a solid 6.3 volts while off, and 5.8 while cranking, and 7.8 while running. It appears the battery and the generator are okay. After messing around and eating supper however, I tried to restart the vehicle and got nothing. No lights, no gauges, nothing. We discovered that the quick release on the negative pole was creating some issues so I took it off and attached the ground directly to the battery pole. Since then no more problems. The tail lights and blinker are still a little dim in my view, but they work. I have also noticed that it appears to be starting a little better. Not saying much, but the starter doesn't feel as if it is dragging like it was. I drove her about 30 miles, one-way to do a little shopping, and after my second stop, I noticed the temp gauge almost pegged in the hot. I know there is no auxiliary fan, so I took a chance and drove her to get the air flow, and she cooled down to just above the Normal range. From a layman's perspective, I imagine that big old cast iron block retains a lot of heat, which explains some of the rise in temp, but it didn't feel normal. The coolant level is normal, so the question is, is the increase in temp after stopping normal, and if not, how can it be corrected. I have gotten into the habit of letting her idle for about 30 seconds before shutting it off, not knowing whether or not it is helpful. (boy, I use "normal" a lot)
  3. Thanks First Born, Roadmaster75, The process will start in earnest this evening. Last night after work, I cranked her with ease and drove around for about 45 minutes. The charger had been on for another 24 hours. This morning the starter was sluggish but it started and ran well. I took the long way to work to make sure it got up to running temp. Now as I was trying to run an errand, I get nothing, not even the normal winding up noise. The interesting thing is that the voltmeter showed it charging as I drove to work. First Born, the positive cable does not look near as substantial as you suggest. Unfortunately I will have to wait to get it home to start pulling and cleaning. Shadetree77, your post is one that got me interested in this group. Looking forward to page 36 and so on. Hopefully these photos will help.
  4. Ben, you're not the first person to advise me to hold of on any modernization. My thinking along those lines is mainly for safety issues like the brakes, and the suspension isn't very forgiving. The more I drive it the more I lean away from that decision, because I'm getting used to the quirks of how it handles. As far as the electrical issue go, when I first got her off the trailer, she turned over slow but fired right up. I drove around for about 20 minutes, and noticed that the volt meter would jump from normal to charge and back again. Very seldom was it consistent, even when I did not change speeds. Later that evening the headlights were very dim and the running, brake lights, and turn signals were hardly visible. I attached a 6V-6A charger and left it on for almost 24 hours. When I came back it was still pulling 3 amps. I cranked it up and the starter spun up a little faster. The turn signal indicator on the dash flashed and the lights were better but not sufficient in my opinion. Rear lights still not very visible and blinker slow. Now, some of these things may be normal for a vehicle built in 1951, and in that case I may look to modernize, strictly for a safety measure, because I plan to have her on the road. Anyway, I put her back on the charger for another 23 hours, with only a 20% improvement. I'm probably just dealing with a bad battery, but I didn't realize the lights were so dependent on a fully charged battery to work correctly even when being driven.Tomorrow I have a buddy coming by with his meter to help me check out the battery, generator and wiring as far as we can. As a novice, I want things working properly, but the process is just as fun.
  5. Thanks Wildcat, is that the Buick Club of America. I just found it after your post. I'll definitely sign up, along with Team Buick. I am really impressed with the character of people you have on these sites.
  6. Thanks Rob, I'm already scratching my head over the electrical system. It's easy to become accustomed to the little things that always work, until....
  7. Thanks for the response, I'll be posting photos very soon.
  8. One more thing, I am a little embarrassed by the steller condition that I am starting at compared to some of you masters out there starting from a rusting hulk. My goal is to take her to the next level for the purpose of a daily driver, with some minor modernization.
  9. Good day everybody, I am really happy that I discovered this group. I have been following a number of threads, and have learned a lot. Some of the journeys that these vehicles have traveled to get where they are is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, I am a stone cold rookie, so I won't be able to offer much in the way of new wisdom. I hope it is okay with you folks, but for a while at least, I will be asking for help much more than I will be able to offer any. My story starts with my first purchase of a 1951 Buick Special off Ebay. The seller turned out to be a great car guy, and I ended up with an awesome deal. Unfortunately, there were some issues with transit. I contracted Alpine Auto to ship her from Knoxville to Port Gibson, MS. She left Tenn. on 8/13 and was due to be delivered the next day. However I got a call from the driver that he apparently hit some road debris in Birmingham, and had to wait till the next day to have repairs done and was going to be delayed. He got back on the road on the 14th, and I started to get excited again. I learned, Never get excited till you see her coming down the road. That evening I got another call from the driver, telling me he broke down in Mathiston, MS, and parked the trailer with my baby in a restaurant parking lot while his truck was towed to another town 30 miles away for repairs. To make a long story short, the dealer took till 8/21 to get the truck running. To top it off the driver was out of state, and by the time he got back to his truck, it was too late to deliver the truck that was on the trailer behind my 51. Delivery was finally accomplished on 8/22. (Of course, while she was stranded, I drove 3 hours to see her and took some photos that I am having difficulty uploading.) Thanks again for your time, I'll be asking questions very soon. These are photos I captured off Ebay, I don't believe the seller will mind.
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