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  1. Just took delivery (today) of a '89 TC 2.2/automatic. Its in excellent condtion with only 45k miles. Although the car has been well cared for, I don't know the history of routine maintainance that has or has not be performed. For now, it'll be an oil change, radiator flush and tranny flush with new filter. Can anyone offer advice of other maintainance items that should be performed? Also, what the best engine oil for the 2.2 turbo/automatic. I assume a 10W-30 is best for the mild NC climate.
  2. Today I test drove a 1989 TC/automatic/2.2L turbo with 45K miles. The car is in very good condition and the engine seemed to run smoothly. However, I'm concerned with the low oil pressure gauge reading. It only moved up one notch at start up and remained there during the entire test drive. The temperature gauge registered normal readings. Could it be a faulty gauge? Maybe a compression issue and/or something else wrong? What is the best way to determine the problem? What should be the normal oil pressure gauge reading? I would appreciate any comments and assistance. Thank you!
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