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  1. Still finding my way around this site.. http://forums.aaca.org/f190/1963-studebaker-avanti-r2-information-needed-366728.html
  2. I have always loved the Avanti from the first time I saw one in the early '60s.. But this one is special because of the History of it with my Best Friend.. I have done this type of work on cars, but not to this extent.. Here are a few I have owned.. My first car at about age 12 0r 13.. 1959 Simca.. Painted it Emerald Green Metal Flake.. Can't find any pictures though.. Then my first "project" car.. 1962 Mercury Comet.. It was total junk.. Rebuilt and repainted everything.. I had just gotten my drivers license.. With my "Best Girl" at the time.. I painted it "Vitamin "C" Orange"... I co
  3. Being in the dead of winter doesn't help either.. I hope I get over being "overwhelmed" and "Frustrated".. The biggest frustration is that I didn't take it apart.. But it is what it is. I have even debated selling it as it is.. But I would take a huge hit, and I have an embarrassing amount of money in it right now.. I will have to calm down and take it slow.. Thanks to everyone for the support...! If it wasn't for the history of myself and my best friend and the Avanti, I would not have went this far all ready.. It is more of a tribute for him than me.. And, due to an accident I had 6 years
  4. That is what I wanted to do, keep it in primer.. Nothing has been replaced, refurbished, or rebuilt yet.. Wiring harness is original. I am still going thru boxes of parts.. I am pretty overwhelmed at this point.. On top of that, I was injured at work and, 6 years later, still recuperating.. So it is hard for me to get around.. And I do have a new dashboard or dash pad.. Not sure what it is.. It needs the gauges cut out..
  5. The engine and transmission are in the car.. That is about it.. Wiring harness has not even started yet.. Interior is bare.. Not even the steering column is in yet.. It is an Automatic.. I really appreciate the help you have offered.. I will be asking a lot of questions.. I wish I had taken it apart, that would have really helped..
  6. Long story.. My best friend in the world passed away a couple of years ago and left me his 1963 Avanti R2.. He got the car in 1971 as a High School Graduation Present.. Pretty elaborate gift..! Anyway, The car was in a restoration shop at the time.. I let the shop keep working on it, but was not seeing any progress.. Even though I was still getting billed.. After way too much money, and no progress I pulled the care out.. Right now it is very close to be ready for paint.. This was a frame off restoration, so the frame is done, body is back on the frame, drive train is almost done.. Motor and
  7. Hello all, just registered and thought I would show some pics of my 1963 Studebaker R2 Avanti.. If I can figure out how to post them.. Frame off, Rotisserie Restoration..
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