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  1. No it has never been out of England.
  2. I will put together as much as I know about its history in the next few days. It was built as a right hand drive convertible coupe so must have been specially ordered as I don't think Centurys were built for export. The hard top you can see is a pre war Jaguar roof welded to it and internally it was made into a four seater with an old bus seat. More to come when I get the info together.
  3. Here's what the car was like before my friend restored it
  4. I haven't been on this forum for a long time. Had a 1937 Century sedan which I have now part exchanged for this. Thought some of you might be interested to see this model.
  5. Thanks for the info. Getting in touch with Dave Tacheny isn't that easy from here but I'll try. Yeah, I am dreading the cost of shipping it but needs must !
  6. Just discovered that the cylinder head has a crack in it and I need a replacement. I have little chance of finding anything here (England) but wondered if you guys know of anyone who might be able to help. Thanks.
  7. Welcome from yet another prewar Buick owner (a 37 this time). I think you'll find the forum invaluable although I doubt it stretches as far as convincing your wife about anything !
  8. Welcome to the forum Tyler. I have found it an invaluable source of information and inspiration. You'll get the answers you need I'm sure. Got any photos of the car ?
  9. I though this link might interest some of you. This is probably the biggest American car show in England and the link provided has some good photos - you'll find a few Buicks in there. http://www.pre50aac.com/2014rogcm.html
  10. Carl, I couldn't agree more. In fact, although I have little experience of addiction, I think that may be the word I would use to describe my relationship with the Buick! But I have learnt (and spent) a lot in the last year and it has only served to encourage me. There is simply no substitute for these type of cars.
  11. A later update to the saga of this car, but a more upbeat one. The rewiring and brake overhaul is complete along with other alterations such as removing the ugly semaphores and the mirrors on the spare wheel covers. A new battery also was required. It is now awaiting a new exhaust manifold, which has just arrived here from the US, as the existing one is leaking badly and has been patched up in the past. Hopefully that will make a big difference. I have taken the car to three shows this summer and, as you can imagine, it attracts a lot of attention as these Buicks are not too common in England,
  12. Thanks Tom. Just need to get as tight a fit as possible I guess.
  13. Interesting article. Could you tell me the exact size of the freeze plug to be used please (I guess 1 3/8"), and if any particular type of metal is needed ? Thanks.
  14. The forum has been invaluable both for technical know-how and the encouragement I have received. Never thought I'd find some Buick fanatics in this country as well ! Many thanks to all who supplied the support - I would have been devastated not to have got it right. Will provide more when I get it back.
  15. Another update now that I have calmed down and come to my senses. I have discovered a great guy over here who knows these cars inside out and is now working on all the essential repairs to make the car roadworthy. Our conclusion is that this is a Flint car, imported to England at an unknown time but as a left hand-drive. Someone did a rather patchy RHD conversion leaving the clutch mechanism as it was but incorporating a weird set of levers from the pedal to enable the clutch to still work. We have decided that the car is definitely worth saving so it is currently undergoing a total rewire, br
  16. There is now a sad update to all this. The car has been taken to the Buick expert who posted the contentious note a while back. The car is definitely not Canadian and was not converted to RHD before it got here. It has been bodged in an almighty fashion e.g. there is some weird arrangement with the clutch which was not altered during conversion, the upholstery and interior generally are all wrong, the steering column isn't even a Buick column and the wiring is downright dangerous. It would cost me more than it is worth to get it put right. A salutory lesson to anyone like me who loves these ca
  17. Well I do seem to have rattled a few cages with that last post, although I claim no responsibility for it ! I'm certainly not suggesting any sense of superiority one way or the other. After all, I am a great Buick fan otherwise I wouldn't be here. However, I'm not too sure what conclusions I can draw from all the contributions so far - looks like my car is a Flint manufactured one. I have found the registration document and that states that the first date of registration was 13-08-1937 so I think the RHD conversion was definitely done prior to import here. I'll try the links to GM of Canada in
  18. I had this reply from a Buick enthusiast who lives in England. I hope no one takes offence at some of the remarks, but it does seem to explain a lot about my car : "This is relatively good news for you as US wheels will fit yours and you have more chances in the US in finding some. ONLY the Century had these! Let me give you a little Buick history. Buick bought out McLaughlins factory in Oshawa for the very purpose of sending cars to Commonwealth county's and avoiding import tax's They built the standard small and large series cars there in right hand drive and only sedans for Africa. Aus and
  19. Does anyone know where I can get 2 spare wheels for my car ? It's a 37 Century Series 60 and the wheels have 5 nuts so I assume it's US built (see another of my threads if this sounds a bit mysterious as there is some doubt as to where this car originated from). I have discovered that the spare wheels are useless so I need to replace them. In this country (England) it is highly unlikely that I'll find any so I hoped that one of you guys may know someone that could supply them and would be willing to ship abroad.
  20. I searched around the car last night for any tag with the Buick logo but was unable to find anything. I attach some photos in the hope that it may help...
  21. The frame serial number has the letters 'SER' preceding it but no actual letter in front of the number itself. Forgive my ignorance but can you give me a bit more info on where to locate the body tag ? I should have explained that I am researching this history because the car was sold to me as a McLaughlin Buick and I have always been suspicious that it was a USA built car converted to right hand drive. The guys in Canada have not recognised any of the numbers, and you have, so that confirms it. They also said to count the number of nuts on the wheels - 5 meaning USA and 6 meaning Canada - the
  22. Hi, I'm trying to find out more about the history of my car and have noticed that there are some very clever people on here who appear to be able to decipher some of the numbers to be found on a Buick. I have listed three numbers that I have found which are as follows : Car Serial number (on a tag on the right rail behind the front wheel) - 3209272 Motor number (the term used in the 37 handbook) - 6 3473 910 Engine number(as above, from the handbook, found on the engine block) - GM 1297591-2 Can anyone enlighten me as to what these numbers can tell me ?
  23. Thanks for the info - got the parts at Cars, Inc.
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