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  1. FOUND...I have located the intake that I was searching for...many thanks to all who helped in my search.;):cool:
  2. well...I have attracted another scammer with my ad...this guy wanted the same sort of moneygram as his paypal was "down"...he even sent me pictures of the intake setup with carbs...problem is, it was someone elses pics!!!...we went back and forth about picking the parts up where he lives in colorado...and now he has disappeared...I did find a post about him on a Saab website in which he tried to scam someone else...his email address is jjandvis11@gmail...
  3. he tried to scam me a few days ago on a caddy intake I was looking for. same deal with his paypal being down...I told him I would fly over a pay cash and pick it up myself...said he was going to call the police so that they would be there waiting for me..I said, fine, I don't have an issue with police being present while I pay cash for a part you offered for sale...he went away!!!
  4. personally, pictures don't really matter to me...speaking in person give me a pretty good idea as to what the items condition really is...if the conversation sounds funky, then it probably is...this guy who contacted me wouldn't give a address, wouldn't sell it to a friend who had cash, and got pissy pretty quickly with some simple, standard, innocent questions...red flag number one. he wanted to "sell" a item, yet wouldn't deal with someone in person?????DUH....sometimes you can't fix STUPID and DISHONEST.
  5. so, I posted a ad here a few days ago looking for a DRE intake for a caddy engine....got a pm from isaacbrunswick@gmail.com yesterday stating he had one and wanted to know if I was still in need...even gave me a price which was not on par for what it is, and having already seen posts about Mr isaac, I told him that I was still in need and seeing as I had friends in the UK, would it be OK for one of them to bring cash and pick the intake up...well, musta pissed Mr Isaac off as he promptly got back to me and told me that he wouldn't do any "third" party sales.....I said, well, if a friend of mine isn't good enough, given that these intakes are kinda rare, I would be more than happy to fly over and pay for it and pick it up myself....well, one can imagine that ticked him off even more and he threatened to have the police waiting for me when I arrived....I, being the kind and gentle soul that I am, said, sure, I have no problem meeting the police to buy a part that he offered me and asked for his address so that I could book a flight...end of conversation!
  6. Hi...beginning a restoration on a Allard J2X that originally had a Cadillac 331 with a 2X2 DRE(detriot racing) intake. if anyone has one or knows of one for sale, please contact me. I am hitting all the various forums I can think of with the same request, and I figure that sooner or later, I will find one!!!
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