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  1. Thanks for the pics! Is that a tach drive coming off the oil filter housing? Never knew about the angle plug heads, either. What a great engine.
  2. Ken, Hope things are going well for you. I meant to tell you months ago that I met a guy during Jan. (auction month in AZ) at our local hangout who had a completely original Jetfire. It was beige with matching interior. It was the first one I had seen in person, and I was smitten. It looked like a well kept 10 year old car. Of course, he didn't want to sell it. He lives out here in the Phoenix metro area, but the car came from NY. I did ask him about spare parts for you, but no luck, he had bought the car in its present condition. Best wishes, Jeff
  3. I'm enjoying this thread. I hope you find what you need and complete the resto soon. I love Jetfires and Starfires. Keep the updates coming.