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  1. Already up to US $23,600.00 [ 46 bids ]. I don't remember if there was a reserve but it looks like it will sell in 6+ hours from now.
  2. Welcome and good luck with your Riv! There are two 71's for sale on Craigslist in Cleburne. You might be able to dicker on the price. 2 Cars One Deal - 1971 Buick Riviera Boattails - $3500 (Cleburne)
  3. According to the "Options Not Included" 1968 Interiors article on the ROA website: "The rarest color interior was blue at 1,343 (just 2.7% and available only as Custom interior buckets)". I would say this car appears to be one of those in this category! I so wish I could see if this is a bondo queen or not! (not that my wife would let me get a mate for the AZ!) DROOL
  4. Not my listing but I sure wish I were close enough to go look at this one! 1968 Buick Riviera 2dr coupe, Must see! - $16750 (santa rosa) 1968 Buick Riviera Completely, It was redone to original condition. Zero Rust MUST SEE! No engine compartment pics but it appears to be Aqua Mist or something close with buckets/console and blue interior. There is also a "Disc Brake" brake pad. Manual windows are a bit of a bummer. I also like the accessory chrome panels on the lower fenders and doors! Crap, there's even a passenger side mirror!
  5. Not my listing but this might be interesting! That rear bumper looks a little worrisome though. :-\ 1976 Buick Riviera; Barn Find - $4000 (Benson, NC) 1976 Buick Riviera, Solid, $4,000; Call
  6. My pleasure. I documented the radio/speaker install in this thread:
  7. I used Photoshop Elements to combine the black/white and color versions of this picture.
  8. Can someone please PM me the latest login and PW for the ROA members only content please? I am at work and need to access some info. (Yes, it's my lunch break) :-) Thank you.
  9. Not my listing Seen on FB group Field and Barn Finds 1964 Buick Riviera · Coupe 2D $6,000 Zip: 02180 425nailhead 3 speed auto transmission daily driver registered and inspected
  10. Assuming these are NOS and not used? I purchased a set of NOS shocks for my 68 but I was (and still am) a little leary about using such old shocks on my car. So far they appear to be functioning properly and provide great bump dampening.
  11. In installed the RetroSound "Hermosa" radio and their 4x10 and 6x9 dual coil speakers in my 68 last summer. I also bought Bezel # 126, which I had to modify to fit the dash hole opening. I have been very happy with the operation of the new radio and speakers. RetroSound also has a new radio that requires no bezel for the dash radio hole. They state the radio will fit existing 60's and 70's GM radio openings. It's called the "Daytona" Read about it here: I documented the swap in my 68 on this ROA forum thread:
  12. This guy just bought one of my truck mat kits for this car. He told me the other day he was listing it on Ebay.