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  1. I installed one of their quartz movements in my 69 Caprice clock and it worked flawlessly. I agree with Telriv, I believe your movement is defective. Insist on a warranty replacement.
  2. I am not associated with this listing. 1965 Buick Riviera Auction: Feb 28, 2019 to Mar 2, 2019 GAA Classic Cars Auction February 2019
  3. I am putting a set of Diamondback triple stripe white walls on my 68. Below is a picture off of their website. I will wait until the spring to get them mounted.
  4. NC68Riviera

    New member need parts help

    Welcome to the forum! Have you considered joining the ROA if you have not already done so?
  5. If I had my choice I would drive the car from NC to PA and back again, but my wife is skittish on this notion. Gotta make Mama happy!
  6. We plan on driving the car to the show area and around town when we get there.
  7. 5' ramps. Yes they slide into the rear of the trailer. Tires were underinflated. Fixing that now.
  8. I am appeasing the wife.
  9. Yes the ramps slide into the rear of the trailer. Here's the manufacturer website for this trailer. My doors clear the top of the fenders by about 1/2 inch! It's a good thing I am not heavier than I already am. 😄
  10. The Aqua Zephyr is perched on our new Rice Trailers 20' dove tail car hauler trailer. I drove the Riviera and my wife drove the Silverado to Elizabethtown, NC to talk to the local fire captain who also has a trailer business. This guy was one of the most pleasant business owners I have ever dealt with. This shot is after we got the car and trailer home today and started removing the ratchet straps. We plan on trailering the car to this year's ROA annual meet at Gettysburg. Hope to see you other Riviera owners there!
  11. That's shur a perty pan you got there, Mister! (said in my best hill-billy accent)
  12. 68 GS without bucket seats. I am not associated with this listing.
  13. There are a bunch of FB Marketplace listings for Buicks using "Cascada" as the model name for non-Cascada models. People must either be lazy in their listing editing, not know what they have or the listings are scams?