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  1. Recent outing with the Aqua Zephyr at the Fayetteville NC Crown Coliseum Complex.
  2. Didn't someone recently post that they were looking for a 96? Or was that a 97 they were looking for?
  3. The Aqua Zephyr in downtown Creedmoor, NC for a civil rights documentary film shoot. This was a 192 mile round trip for the ol' girl. @NC-car-guyhad his 1957 Special there also.
  4. The Aqua Zephyr in Creedmoor, NC for a civil rights documentary film shoot.
  5. With @NC-car-guy & Dean T. in Creedmoor, NC for a documentary film shoot. Way too early in the morning
  6. A recent customer who bought my 68-70 trunk mat kit sent me some pictures of the installed mats in his 1969 Riviera. Judge for yourself how my kit looks installed. (I did not supply the trunk side boards).
  7. We've averaged about 1500 miles a year but this year will be a lot lower.
  8. I came VERY close doing the same thing last March.
  9. Paul, I sent you a message. Diamond Back Tires in Conway, South Carolina sells these tires. They are listed in their "Cadillac" tire section. I believe they only list one of two tire sizes for this style of WW, but you can get almost any tire size they sell with these stripes. I recommend calling them and talking with a salesman if you have a specific tire size requirement. My tires are 235/75-15. So they are a little larger in diameter than stock. My car runs about 10mph faster that what the speedo reads in the 50-70 mph range. I hope this helps.
  10. I used a front suspension kit from P-S-T for my 68 Riv. This kit had brake reaction rod rubber bushings for a 69-70 Riviera. I ended up buying a TRW bushing kit for the 68 BRR. P-S-T refunded me the amount I paid for the TRW kit. I bought a NORS center link for the car from a seller on Ebay. My two cents worth...
  11. If you can, save the pdf as a jpg and re-upload
  12. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Riviera Owners family. Have you considered joining the Riviera Owners Association yet? www.rivowners.org
  13. 1910 Buick Model 14 on display at a 1973 Antique Automobile Club of America car show, possibly in Rhode Island. The AACA window sheet lists the owner as "O. Johnson" and the model as "1910 Buick". The license plate is a Rhode Island "Antique" plate #23(?). Does anyone remember Mr. or Ms. O Johnson and this 1910 Buick Model 14? Any idea where it might be today? Image is from an AUG73 process dated Kodachrome slide in my personal collection of classic cars slides.
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