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  1. Looking on some pictures I see what looks like a channel with some window rubber in it that seals when the window is rolled up.  Does anyone have any pictures of this and know where the track or rubber can be found?  This car came to us like a puzzle with a hole in the box.  So now that we are getting to the end we are starting to find things that are missing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. We are making the top for the 33 Marmon V16 Convertible right now.  I need photos of the front of the Top.  The part above the windshield right at the start of the top.  Is there a piece of trim that goes there or is it just the wood painted?  Can't find any really good pictures and the car came in with no top on it.  Thank you for the help on this.


    The other thing I need help on is locating 4 interior door handles.  The ones that came in on the car are not correct and don't fit in the box.  Let me know if anyone has some or send me a picture of them.

  3. Been very busy around the shop.  Happy to say that we fixed the valve guide and the customer picked the car up last Thursday and was headed to Pebble Beach for this weeks Concours.  In a rush I never really got any pictures with the car by it's self.  Sure there will be tons of pictures taken this weekend of the Mercer at Pebble.

  4. I am looking for a speedometer cable for a 1933 Marmon V16.  I need to find one ASAP due to this car finishing up with the restoration and leaving the shop next week.  Please let me know if you have one or know where one can be located.  Thank you for your help.

  5. Sorry it has been a while since I have updated this thread.  We just got the generator back from being completely rebuilt since it fell apart due to age and brittle metal.  We have now run into one more problem.  I have a valve guide that cracked and bent valve.  I need to know where I can get my hands on these items.  Please let me know.  This is the final piece of the puzzle and then the car will be ready to go to Pebble.  Thank you,

  6. So I guess we will call this Update Wednesday. I know there are a lot of people following the progress of the car. We are in the final stages now of completion. We had a minor set back with the generator but other then that the car is about 98% complete. Here are some pictures for everyone to look at. Let us know what y'all think of the car.













  7. To answer your questions. No we are not members of the Marmon Club. This is a customer car that we are restoring. Yes we have the engine and trans for the car. That would be helpful to find people that have parts for this car. I know right now I am trying to figure out the caps that screw into the distributor cap to hold the plug wires in place. I am also looking for the cover that goes over the distributor cap and hides all of the wires. That is just a few things I can come up with right now. This car came to us in a bunch of different pieces and a bunch of missing pieces that we don't know about until we try to put something together or we see a picture. Thank you for replying.

  8. Just wanted to give a little update on the progress of the car. Here are a few pictures of the car almost complete and the upholstery close to complete. We are really excited to see this car coming together more and more everyday.





  9. We are restoring a 33 Marmon 16 and have had to make a bunch of parts for it. We made a extra frame rail skirt for the driver side of the car and now we don't need it. Just putting this out there if anyone is missing one or knows of someone that needs one we have one for sale. Looks just like original.



  10. Just a quick little up date. I know we have not posted pics in a while. Been extremly busy with the Mercer, other cars that are in the shop and of course Concours show season. Project is coming along good. Should be done in about in the next couple of months. Hope y'all enjoy the pics.




  11. Hope your owner realizes that they have the only known surviving Mercer Limo which has been claimed to have belonged to the Roebling family. I remember it from Amelia Island in Y2000. If the entire interior is being redone, they should preserve at least a sample of the materials that are removed for the historical record no matter how deteriorated.

    The car is receiving a complete frame off restoration. We keep all of the old material that is removed. We let the owners do what they please with it. The interior was actually in decent shape considering. There were some areas that were a little tender to the touch.

  12. Hello guys,

    I am new to the Forum. From the name we are a restoration shop in Montgomery,Tx. What I am looking for is some information that might help with a piece of a puzzle. I have a 1920 Mercer Limo in my shop right now that is under going a complete frame off restoration. We have completely redone all of the interior wood structuring and are getting ready to move the body to Paint so that we can begin the next phase. What I am looking for help with is there is a heater that is in the floor in front of the back seat which would remind you of a new age cooler. The reason we say this is a heater is it because it sits in a tray and has a nice metal grate that sits over top of it. The tubing is somewhat rotted out. Now the part we are having troubles with is where does this heater hook into? The fitting that go into the heater its self are not water tight or even leak proof. Hoping someone has seen this before and could shed a little light on the subject.


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