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  1. Looking for a 10" X 1-3/8" clutch disc for a model AA 1931 Ford Dump Truck. Thanks for looking Bob.
  2. Does anyone have any idea of the cost to replace babbited bearings and or the cost to change over to insert bearings, Just trying to get a ballpark idea of how much to help decide which way to go,any thoughts appreciated,Bob
  3. I have a 1937, 1939buick and a 1956 stude and a model aa ford, all using 15/40 diesel engine oil ,citgo ,1300 ppm of zddp just for openers ,shell rotella is another good choice, have used for 20 years, no problems.
  4. Found the answer on my own.
  5. Is there a special tool to get to the rear main nuts with engine in the vehicle?
  6. bobgould

    1931 model AA

    I am looking for a budd wheel or wheels 6-7/8 lug budd bolt pattern 20" tire . does anyone have anything
  7. bobgould

    1931 model AA

    Does any one have a picture of what flap brackets looked like on a 31 AA or a set to sell?
  8. I HAVE A DELCO Choke 1990001 model with a broken pull out lever spring, looking for parts or a complete unit in any condition. will consider a complete Stromberg carb in good condition to replace marvel schebler and delco setup on my 1937 Buick Special. Thanks Bob.
  9. Thank you so much, these cars need and deserve special attention and precise care in order to fully enjoy them, starting with proper lubrication. Thanks again, Bob
  10. I am looking for the correct lube chart,( Buick publication) chart for a 1937 Buick Special ,any help ? Thanks Bob.
  11. Need a good ross steering box or a changeover Saginaw setup, thanks Bob.
  12. I am looking for a good ross steering box or a complete Saginaw box that will fit my power hawk 1956 C thanks.
  13. I have not turned it over this year please bear with me I will check it out this comming week
  14. 1949 320 engine complete, exhaust manifold is like new, don't know any thing about internals you pick up ,cape cod MA $300 firm.
  15. thank you every little bit of info helps,Bob do you remember any detail of the clips that held the chrome strip
  16. thank you every little bit of info helps,Bob do you remember any detail of the clips that held the chrome strip
  17. Can you answer my question in Buick pre-war on hood hold downs, thanks Bob
  18. I have an 320 straight engine pretty complete but I do not know the year, serial #53123187 can anyone help? Thanks, Bob
  19. I have a 1937 Buick in pieces which I managed to put back together some what, I am missing the clamps that hold the center moulding to the cowl and rad support, what I have compiled is that it is a 5 piece clamp setup each side the two metal brackets and the nut , bolt and lock washer . will this set up work on my 37-40? Are all models the same? Is there something that stops the hood from sliding to far forward? any help please. ( gouldcape@aol.com )
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