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  1. This is some really great documentation. What a service to early buick owners. None of the GM body manuals cover touring cars. I have a 1926 Buick Master Six sedan. I have been repairing all the wood frame parts for 9 months. It is tricky getting the doors to line up with the pillars. I had to pull the fender wells together with a come-along to attach the metal braces to the rear hinge posts. This ligned up the doors with center lock pillar. I'm now working on the passenger side, front door pillar, rear window and door pillar and top sill. I'm adding metal brackets top snd bottom to the t
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded to this post. The Sears car has always seemed strange to me because it came out when the Model T did but was really primitive solid rubber tires air cooled engine. But I think it would be fun to own one of these cars any way. The more I read about these old cars the more confusing it gets with number of companys entering the market back then. We were told that Europe started it all but Roper built a steam car and motorcycle in the U.S.A. in the 1860's. We are told that Ford started the first mass produced peoples car but the Dodge Brothers invested $60,000 of t
  3. So after searching around for hours I find the Red Skelton car is a Sears Roebuck and his rival is driving a curve dash Olds mobile. There are at least three other cars. You can watch the movie on Comcast TCM on demand.
  4. Does anyone know the makes of the cars used in this Red Skelton movie?
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