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  1. How do adjust the emergency brake cable . I tighten it and one minute later it's loose do you have to adjust it at the handle also
  2. thank you everybody I will coil it up and put it in the heater box
  3. Thanks graham it's the anal probe a long maybe 20 inches (copper wire solid with soldered tip at end) unless there is an attachment to temp sensor?
  4. Just a simple question where does the copper (thermal element with silver tip) go to == thanks 1949 Chrysler 251 spitfire
  5. Thanks jack and Lebowski it was sold on e bay and the bidder never paid me said he had to have surgery u were rihght
  6. Once in a lifetime buy===on e bay now til 2 pm Thursday 8-1 Bid is only at $10,600 now worth at least $ 49,000 Don't lose out triple your money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1949 Chrysler Royal Woodie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy buy buy bid bid bid
  7. for sale 1949 Chrysler Royal $22,900 obo must sell
  8. Thanks rusty and jack finally got it going it was the neutral selector rod I drilled holes in in and set adjustment with washers and cotter pins thanks again
  9. Thanks rusty and jack - I think neutral is hitting a bolt head in tranny cover
  10. got tranny going in reverse after taking selector and neutral linkage off transmission==reverse worked fine then reattached linkage can't get reverse to work any ideas or magic tricks???
  11. look at the cost for restoration --not going to be cheap--wiring motor tranny interior -glass= fuel system I bought a 49 Chrysler royal Woodie for $3500 and 8 years later still working on it wood paint doors cost me over $30,000 -new floor boards 16 gauge == also thousands of hours and new tools get a car that is running== from experience and I cant even sell my car
  12. Thanks Carl Happy Birthday also most of the members of the aaca have helped me immensely some are real jerks but I have learned a lot
  13. new pistons valves - valve springs ===== where is best place to sell a Woodie getting nowhere on aaca need to sell fast should I reduce price?
  14. honed out- new rings almost put molybdenum super metal ones in that would have ruined cylinder walls but goy original rings from mopar parts
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