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  1. FOUND IT! Thanks for replying to this thread previously. If you check the latest picture I have added to my Gallery, you will see a scanned pic from "Woodies and Wagons", a 2000 coffee table book. Owner of my Woodie then was James Tippett of Oakford PA. James, pls contact me if you are out there.
  2. I havve recently acquired this vehicle, primarily as a woodie fan. It has been up in Idaho for about ten years, pretty much out of sight. I understand it was in Florida before that and appeared at some meets in the 1970s. Any information or insight on this car or on how to find out more is appreciated.
  3. I now own what I think is the vehicle in question. I bought this primarily as a woodie fan. It was thought to be an Erskine by the prior owner. It definitely started out as a second generation 1928 (of three in 1928) Studebaker Dictator based on evidence including the "GE" designation embossed in steel on the firewall. This is a huckster style woodie that has some really old-looking aspects (like leather strap window "pull-ups in the front doors). Does anyone know anything about this car? I understand it came West from Florida about 10 years ago and was in some meets back there in the 1970s. Thanks for any clues.
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