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  1. Thanks so much, Jack! I appreciate this suggestion & direction;)
  2. Hi Ply33 Thanks a million for this. I wanted it to be a late '48 so this is most excellent news. I may go ahead and get the build card you mentioned for the sake of knowing the history. Since I live in so. CA it is interesting to think my car started out right here (in LA) and still resides nearby. Again, my humble thanks to you & to all who have helped me. DMC
  3. Hi Jack, I appreciate your input on the hemi v. the flat 6. My six has been built (cam, hi-comp pistons, dual manifold, split exhaust, etc) so maybe there's more power there than what I imagine. The engine has not been started since it was built ~ I have no idea of its condition beyond what the seller told me (he's a friend of mine so I'm sure he didn't misrepresent the work he had done). If I keep the flat six I might invest in an Edelbrock head as the seller stopped short of going to that expense and just had the old head reconditioned. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up on some of the challeng
  4. Hi Keiser, These info-pics are extremely helpful. I think I have one of the last CA-built D24 bus coupes assembled... and it could have been either at the very end of '48 or the start of '49. Oy vey. Makes it all very interesting. Now I have to decide if I want to install the built 6 or look for a Chrysler hemi... Thanks for your help! ~ DMC
  5. Hi Keiser31! Thanks for getting back with me so fast. Hmm, yes I do have a pic but I haven't downloaded it off my camera yet. This is a project coupe, mind you... and judging by the excellent pics you posted, mine is a '48 model. The serial number is 45042824 if that makes any difference. I'm hoping to get some official "proof" to show our CA DMV officials who will no doubt look with duplicity on me when I ask for a correction to the title... I may be better off just leaving the pink slip alone and accepting the fact that it's a '48 but titled wrong. If you or anyone else reading this thread c
  6. Dear D24 Fans: I'm new to the forum and recently picked up a '48 Dodge business coupe project with a hot-rodded flat 6 (engine hasn't been started since it was gone through). Anyway, the seller said it was a '48 but the title has it listed as a '49. The serial number is 45042824 ~ can someone help me place it in the right year? :confused: Many thanks!
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