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  1. I have a really nice single cowl mount spare front end for sale. Fenders are clean with no rust. Hood sides, core support are all in good shape. There's a dent in the chin (underneath the grill) and one headlight is missing the ring and the reflector (see pix). I also have the battery tray that goes with the front end and a good radiator. Located in central Ohio. Asking $1500 OBO. I'd rather sell the front end as a whole unit rather than parting it out but will listen to offers. Also have the whole front suspension to this same car available for sale. Accepting offers
  2. This is a 1939 Hudson Country Club Sedan, stored in a barn. No rust holes except for one on lower cowling, size of a quarter - rest is mild surface rust. Great for rat rod, street rod or restoration. Grill was used for a 2-door sedan but comes with a 40 Nash grill for custom project. The car is complete minus the grill. Have the original wheels bead-blasted and ready for paint. Also have other head light lens and ring - sold with bill of sale, no title. Rare car. $3500 OBO - just South of Grove City, Ohio (central Ohio). Call Todd at 614 four one nine 2030 for more info, pics or to see it.
  3. Restore 32 and 60flat top, Bingo, finally we hit the nail on the head...what is legal anymore. Is any thing legal, they rip us off at every turn, I'm just trying to enjoy the car, pay the title fees and tax and tags and move it down the road...didn't steal it from a barn, just got it as a parts car for a 55 Packard, using the 327 in my 38 Buick Funeral Hearse, so to avoid the soup can factory I'm building a Rat... Thanks for all the input, you have all been helpful....sometimes confusing...hehe...but THANKS. I have a guy like you described, military, hunched over, speaks with a raspy
  4. Hello all, In need of a 1953 Packard Patrician drivers side tail light lens, the inside reflector is ok... Might need some bulb sockets also, but have to check on that. I have most of the trim from the same car if someone needs that, plus the rear three piece window, window cranks etc... Todd
  5. Don, So how do you title the car with no title...I have read they take the VIN number off the tag, run it through the system to see if it's stolen...if not then you have to apply for a duplicate title, 50.00 for the form, take it to the State Patrol ( in Ohio, complete butt holes) as I had a Custom Chopper done this way, they have to see every receipt for all parts, bill of sale, it will need turn signals, horn, yada, yada, yada......no way I'm going that route... As stated most rat rod dudes just get a title stamp a tag with the purchased title, attach it to the car and BANG, a title in you
  6. Hey Don and HH56, I am in Ohio (stated in the second post I wrote ), so the California issued info does not apply.... I am NOT using the original engine (which I have) a 9 main bearing 327...whoopee, so another issue that won't apply... I just wanted to know which of those numbers would be best from the California numbers stated in first post, , I am using a small block 5.7 liter with a 700r4 trans, and I am using the California title that I bought to re title this car it came from Kentucky...wow that"s a lot of goofy information to figure out...sorry about this, it's not going to be histor
  7. So....thanks for all the history lessons, but...again as ask in the first post, what number am I to use on a plate to title this car....and YES for sure there is and was a door jamb tag on this car, but that is history now as well... Not trying to burst any ones bubble here, forum's tend to get off the subject quick, which this one has....sorry but true... Just trying to ask some informed experts what number should be used, I have read up on how they were titled, by jamb plate and know about the anti theft number on the fire wall ( can't miss those ), but don't know about a California tit
  8. Hi Don, and others, there is no paper to the car, owner couldn't find the title, it was from his fathers estate and this guy had TONS of stuff, the son was not organized. Of course when I bought it he said he would find it BUT....you know the rest of the story.....that's been several years ago, take the money and run story...so I purchased a title. This title is from a parts car in California, doubt if it's even in the "system" being that the last registration date was 1964....??? I'm in Ohio, local DMV wouldn't know a Packard from a Hudson...so when I took in a 1939 Hudson 2 door sedan,
  9. Hello, In need of a drivers side rear fender, doesn't have to be in great shape cause I need to section and shorten it up so rust would not be too much of an issue.. I have a 1939 Cadillac passenger side rear fender and I need the other for a project I'm doing ? Let me know what you have, but don't want the Ebay crazy price...can't do 250.00 for a rusty fender...are these people for real...wow ! Thanks Todd
  10. Hello All, Bought a title for a 1953 Packard Patrician, ( of course as a historical document ) yada, yada, yada... Didn't get the vin tag with it so, which number do I put on the NEW, old tag.. The title is from California and was last dated 1964... Here is some info: Engine or ID number L607328. Body type SDEX2651. Tab number 2461778..... Anyone know which numbers are stamped on the tag for the vin number, mine is inside of the door and will stay there permanently, the door are welded shut( rat rod )...car was rusted beyond saving so instead of junking it it is now a step over Roadster
  11. Hi Don, No engine parts are being sold, keeping it for a Buick Hearse, sorry...anything else you need.... Thanks Todd
  12. Got a 1979 403 Olds motor for parts...have block, but has a small crack in one cylinder, needs sleeved, crank, rods, heads, and a aluminum Performer Olds intake...just want to see someone get some use, so prices can be discussed...pm for details
  13. Hello, Have lots of parts from a 1953 PATRICIAN that was too far gone to restore so I'm selling parts, interior, chrome rear glass, etc....pm with needs...have Treadlevac master cylinder, peddle, door cranks, just ask, prices can be discussed, just want someone to use it... Thanks Todd
  14. Hi Again, Finally got the front clip off my Buick Hearse..so I still have the entire clip for sale... I posted the pictures, so look for that post or I can post them again later... I would like to see someone use it so don't be afraid to send an offer....can't store it so I want it to go... PM me for details and I'll send you a phone number if requested... Thanks Todd
  15. Hey Everyone, I have a front and rear suspension from a 1838 Buick, front contains total sum of parts, cross member upper and lower A arms, etc, everything except the box and steering column...which I am using... Rear is missing the third member and control arms, but has axles, hubs, coils with air bags, and shock mounts, plus panard bar.... Any one that needs ANY part or the whole shooting match can make offers or inquires by PM's or posts I will send you my number if requested... PLEASE someone get these parts before I have to turn them into soup cans...can't keep them too long ! Make offer
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