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  1. What are the factory settings for caster camber plus toe in and toe out for this suspension. I'm all over the road with these tires Thanks Wes
  2. The price as quoted is $65, 000. The location is Grants Pass, Oregon.
  3. Older, but excellent restoration with fresh tires and a new clutch. Also fresh wheel and front suspension paint. The leather and top are in good condition as the photos depict. Cooling system is 100% as is the foot and hand brake. The ignition system is Wico impulse mag and the carburetion is BB1 with air cleaner. Both modifications were for improved touring. The car has seen several HCCA long tours, all of which were successful. Four of which were in our hands. Feel free to call at 541 659 4392, or e-mail wcrow547@gmail.com
  4. Rare, 1931 Studebaker dual points, 8 cylinder distributor cap. Used, but in very good condition with a new carbon button. Delco distributor 668C. No cracks or wear marks. $200.00. Shipping included. Wes, wcrow547@gmail.com
  5. I need the headlamp, park lamp switch located at the base of the steering column for a 1931/1932 Studebaker President. I also need the ignition switch for the same vehicle..
  6. I requested photos, but listed my email address wrong. Thanks wcrow547@gmail.com
  7. Please send photos. Thanks Wes wcrow547gamil.com