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  1. For my birthday on Sept 18, I purchased a 1969 Saab 96 Deluxe. Car is nearly rust free. I am waiting for a Haynes manual to arrive before I do much more. Current issues- when warm, will not idle lower than about 1500 rpm, very erratic and dies. Starts back up with no problem. May have a bad power brake booster. I think it doesn't function. Brakes are hard but stop car just fine. Twice, the pedal went down about 1.5 inches, thought I heard air leaking, and brakes seem to hang. Most everything else is OK including freewheeling. Biggest problem is going to be finding bits and pieces.
  2. I would disconnect the line to the bottom cylinder,press brake pedal, and look for pressurized fluid. If yes, problem is with bottom cylinder, if no, disconnect steel line at top cylinder, press brake pedal and look for pressurized fluid. If yes, it makes no sense. If no, problem is with top cylinder. Jimmy Started driving at age 13 in 1957 in 53 Plymouth, 52 Plymouth through high school, 1954 Plymouth Belvedere wagon for a beach car at Long Beach, NC, 1950 Plymouth for a couple years at Lake Norman,NC
  3. On my '52 Plymouth, about 45 years ago had the same problem. Turned out that the rubber fuel line was clear when I looked at it but when vacuum was applied, the line sucked closed. There was enough fuel in the float bowl to run a few seconds before fuel starvation occured. Good luck, Jimmy
  4. Just found this on Craigslist in Melbourne, FL if anyone interested. 1929 Model A Town Car - project car Jimmy
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