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  1. Thanks for your help. upon tracing the wires to the relay box i discovered that some sort of small animal chewed thew thewires there were other wires damaged to once i replaced them the lights worked again
  2. yes to the first one no to the second one.
  3. I have a 1991 buick reatta that the front right turn signal will not light. The bulb is good the relay is not the problem as i switched the left realy, which worksm, to the the right one and it doesnt fix the problem, i placed the right relay in the spot for the left and turned on the left signal and the relay starts to click.The back right signal lights so i dont think its the flasher. I checked the resistor thats mounted front and i get 4ohms from left to mid, 4.4 right to mid, and 8.4 across left to right. Also, when the headlights are on the right turn signal light lights up like the left on does before the turnsignal lever is pushed on, but when the right turn signal is then turned on the light goes out and doesn't flash and the left one works fine. the problem is also the same when the Hazard light is depressed. The repair manual seems to be directing me in circles, so if anybody has any ideas and would be willing to offer advice i would be most appreciated.