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  1. Hi All, I'm looing for 5 good 24" rims for my 1924 DB Coupe or if someone knows of someplace that would make new ones. I have sent pictures of my old rims to Coker, but have not heard back for them.....yet. Thanks, Phantom
  2. Wow, that's weird, they quoted me 499.00 ea and a 4 week delivery. I ordered mine on the 20th of last month and should have them here in the next week or so. Dave
  3. I spoke to Coker Tire when I was in Chickasha about making some new rims for me. Can be done. Check them out at www.cokertire.com Dave
  4. Here are the pictures of mine without the cable, I've also included one of the end on the knob showing that there isn't a hole there. I did try to "set" the new cable, but as of today have not had any luck getting it to lock.:mad:
  5. The cable is held in the knob shaft by a tapered insert. I had to heat the knob shaft and pull to get the wire out. Once the wire is out, the insert just moves up and down in the knob shaft. I guess when you put the new wire in and try to pull it back out, it sets the taper lock. I have not put the new wire in yet as I want to get my knob assy. refinished. Hope this helps someone else out there. I have attached a few pictures of the knob shaft before I had taken the wire out. Dave
  6. Hi Guys! Has anyone ever had to replace their choke cable on their DB 4cyl? My cable was broken and I bought a new cable from Tom & Cindy, but I'll be danged if I can figure out how to get the old wire out of the knob!!:confused::confused::confused::confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dave
  7. Ray, I had seen that thread, but under the impression that the ones he had was for a newer DB. I could go back and find it and pm the guy to see what he had to offer. Thanks, Dave
  8. Thanks Dave, I'm going to be out of town until Friday-Saturday. I'll get you some pictures and measurements and email them to you. Dave/txphantom
  9. Hi all, I have a 24 DB Coupe and found after it was blasted both front fenders had been filled with a lot of bondo as well as numerous cracks and patchwork that had been poorly welded. Wondering if it would be easier to find other fenders than try and fix these. Also looking for both window regulators (chain drive). Thanks, Dave
  10. Ray, You may try Bob's Speedometer Shop in Howell Michigan. 810 632-0400 They can make new tach and speedometer cables. If your sleeve is good, they shouldn't have a problem. He has mine there now from my 24DB along with all my gauges doing a complete refurb. Dave
  11. Hi Guy, Was wondering is this fella still has any parts left laying around? Do you have a contact# for him? Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks Keiser31, I didn't know they had a special section just for DB. I had looked over the forum before placing the thread, guess I'll stick to spectating. Dave
  13. Hello to everyone! I'm new to AACA having just joined yesterday, but I have been working on a 1924 Dodge Brothers Coupe, full off frame restoration. It had been in the same family since 24 and last driven in 61. Had been left outside in the weather for some time and ruined the top and interior. I looking for someone who has pictures of how the top went together (with wood frame) and other pictures of how the interior was finished. I have added a picture of what she looked like the day she came home. She has now been to the blasters and been primed. Any comment will be greatly appreciated. Than
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