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  1. I wonder if the car was popular among the young 'flappers' of the day. I had always thought that Isadora Duncan was in a Bugatti when she died - but I see that modern scholarship has shown that it was an Amilcar. I know that it was imported and sold by the German car company Maybach in New York, but I don't know how popular it was here in the USA.
  2. Thank you, Folks! Now that you say "Amilcar," it's clear that that was what this jodhpurred lady was trying to say - not "Anvil-car!" Here is a scan of the reverse of the snapshot.
  3. I found this snapshot some years ago in the Boston area. On the back it says "Here is my anvil car that I told you about." Is this a Bugatti? Please help with make, model and year. Thanks